Edwin Thomas Booth 1833 – 1893

Edwin Thomas Booth 1833 – 1893 was a supporter of homeopathy and a patron of homeopathy, (the Theatrical License fund regularly donated money to Homeopathic hospitals) and a friend of homeopathic patron William Cullen Bryant. He was a most famous actor, but also infamous, as his brother John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Ironically, Edwin … Continue reading Edwin Thomas Booth 1833 – 1893

William Henry Seward 1801 – 1872

William Henry Seward Sr. 1801 – 1872 was a Governor of New York, United States Senator and the United States Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Seward also supported homeopathy as did his wife Fanny Seward, their usual homeopathic physician was Tullio Suzzara Verdi. Seward was one of a number of influential people who … Continue reading William Henry Seward 1801 – 1872

Abraham Lincoln 1809 – 1865

Abraham Lincoln 1809 – 1865 worked as a lawyer in his early life, and he lobbied and prepared material for a special legislative charter for a homeopathic medical school in Chicago in 1854 (Allen D. Spiegel and Florence Kavaler, The Role of Abraham Lincoln in Securing a Charter for a Homeopathic Medical College, JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY HEALTH, … Continue reading Abraham Lincoln 1809 – 1865