Martin Miles 1947 – 2007

thank youMartin Miles 1947 – 2007 sadly died recently and he will be greatly missed.

How can we thank people like this for what they have done for us?

Martin Miles, one of Britain’s most eminent homeopaths, was a student of Thomas Maughan. Martin started to practice homeopathy since 1974, he was a founder and first Chairperson of the Society of Homeopaths. In 1977, he co-founded of the College of Homeopathy, the first teaching institution for lay practitioners in England. Martin was a founder on The Guild of Homoeopaths.

Teaching activities: Martin taught in Purton House School of Homeopathy, Japanese Academy of Homeopathy, The South Downs School of Homoeopathy

Books and publications by Martin Miles


Homoeopathy and Human Evolution. (Reviewed by Jerome Whitney)

What Homeopathy Has to Offer Poison Ivy/Oak Rashes. Audio tape from 1997 NCH Conference


The Homeopath (The Society of Homeopaths journal)

Coeliac disease. Volume 2, No. 2. Winter, 1981

Syphilitic remedies. Volume 2, No. 4. Summer, 1982

Prometheus Unbound (The Guild of Homeopaths journal)

Which Way Forward. Vol 1, No. 1 June 1994

Proving of Stonehenge Sol. Vol 2, No. 1 June 1995

Homeopathy in the 21st century. Vol 2, No. 1 June 1995

Oak. Vol 2, No. 2 June Spring 1996

The Solar Plexus: Mind, Emotions & Human Development. No. 9 June 1998

Goldfish &Brain Tumours. No. 9 June 1998

The Heart Centre. No. 10 June 1999

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  1. Hi Sarah

    Thanks so much for correcting this – I could not find his correct birth date anywhere!

    All amended now……..


  2. Hello, re: Martin Miles, I was wondering if you happen to know if the book Martin was writing before his passing has yet been published?
    I would so love to read it if so!
    Many thanks

  3. Was very shocked to learn of Martin’s passing. I first met him with my Dad when Martin first started his practise in Blackheath with his wife Fiona. He helped both of us very much with our ailments and will be sadly missed in his field.

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