5 responses to “Moses G Atwood 1795 – 1850”

  1. Alma B Erickson

    I have a light green bottle in perfect condition and stands about 8-10″ with raised letters as follows;

    I has read the above

    Does anyone know the value of this collectible?

    You may reply to alma.erickson@charter.net

  2. jade clews

    i have one as well, i found it out in the woods. Did you ever get a value amount for it?

  3. Lohman Atwood

    I have two old bottles with the wording imprinted in the glass ” Atwood’s Jaundice Bitters formerly made by Moses Atwood, Georgetown, Mass. I was just trying to put a date with them. I know they are old by the design, probably had a cork stopper. Just trying to find some history about them. Thanks

  4. Lohman Atwood

    P.S. the two bottles I have or clear glass, not stained.

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