One response to “Adolph Lippe 1812 – 1888”

  1. Dana Ullman

    I have a very special pleasure of owning a copy of Lippe’s Textbook on Materia Medica that was personally owned by Constantine Hering, MD. Hering had this book inter-collatated with blank pages so that he could write his additions and corrections to Lippe’s book. Hering gave this book to his student, A.C. Cowperthwaite, another leading homeopathic physician, who took notes from Hering’s lectures and adding select information to the blank pages. Hering then used this book to write his own “Condensed Materia Medica.” (Cowperthwaite wrote the special history of this book on the inner cover of it.)

    I own between 1,500 to 2,500 pre-1900 homeopathic books and journals, and I consider my copy of Lippe’s materia medica to be my most prized possession.

    If my homeopathic colleagues ever make it to my Berkeley office, please come by to visit this book…and my collection of early homeopathic literature.

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