Luke Dennis Broughton 1828 – 1899

astrologyLuke Dennis Broughton 1828 – 1899 was a homeopathic physician, and his father and ancestors were all astrologers.

Broughton was born in Leeds, England, and his family immigrated to Philadeplphia where he studied medicine and homeopathy. He drew up astrology charts for many famous people, including Grover Cleveland and President McKinley.

Luke Dennis Broughton and Alfred John Pearce (aka Zadkiel) were regular correspondents over many years (See Luke Dennis Broughton, Broughton’s Monthly Planet Reader and Astrological Journal, Volumes 1-9, (1860). Multiple pages. See also Benson Bobrick, The Fated Sky: Astrology in History, (Simon and Schuster, 14 Nov 2006). Multiple pages).

Broughton predicted accurately the date of his death and he accumulated a huge library of his craft and lectured widely on astrology, often against vigorous opposition.

the influence of Luke D. Broughton which extended via students such as William H. Chaney (1821-1903), Catherine Thompson (1858-1934) and John Hazelrigg (1860-1941), founder of the American Society of Astrologians, and students of theirs, including Evangeline Adams (1868-1932) and others.

Many of the founders of the American Federation of Astrologers, such as Elizabeth Aldrich and Robert DeLuce followed the parameters laid down by Broughton, in most cases with little, if any, modification.

Jones regarded this kind of astrology as degenerate fortune telling and set out to reform it.

The English from that point on had a regular, pretty much ongoing astrology movement. In this country, the astrology movement seems to have been largely founded by an Englishman named Luke Broughton, who moved to New York City and worked with William H. Chaney.

homeopathic physician and astrologer, and for many years President of the Astrological Society of America, died on Friday at his residence at 68 South Washington Square. He was born Apr 20 1828 in Leeds, Yorkshire England and his father and ancestors were all astrologers.

He came to this country when young and settled in Philadelphia, where he studied medicine and took his degree.

While he did not practice astrology as a profession he combined astrology with medicine, cast his own horoscope, and the horoscope of his wife (Sarah Butterfield) and children and prominent men.

He died on the day he said he would. He predicted that his eldest son would not survive his twenty ninth year, which happened, and it was on his advice that the young man did not marry.

His son John said yesterday that his father had cast the horoscopes of both Grover Cleveland and President McKinley and predicted the election first of the one then of the other.

Many public men, he continued, consulted his father as to whether they should accept nominations or undertake great enterprises and were guided by his advice.

He also said that his father was a firm believer in fate, and that the position of the planets and sun at the hour of a person’s birth settled his destiny so that nothing could change it.

Dr Broughton accumulated a library of 14,000 volumes of general reading and had 300 volumes on astrology, many of which were very old and rare.

When he came to New York and began lecturing on astrology he encountered great opposition from those who did not believe in that science.

He leaves three sons and one daughter. (Matthew, Mark, James, Luke, John, and Rachael) The funeral services will be held at the house this evening.

chessLuke D Broughton 1859 – 1947 was born in Philadelphia and also became a homeopath, graduating from the New York Homeopathic College, and he practiced his trade for more than sixty years on Brooklyn.

He also studied chess and was active in the Brooklyn Chess Club and played many of the most prominent players of his day. He also wrote chess columns for The Sun and other publications.

Luke Junior was also prominent in the Writers Club of Brooklyn and secretary of the Allied Arts Association and President of the Laurier Music Club and he published the Homeopathic Medical Directory.

3 thoughts on “Luke Dennis Broughton 1828 – 1899”

  1. Hi,

    I’m a Luke Broughton fan and was once in touch with some of his descendants. Sad to say though that Broughton did not teach Evangeline Adams – at least not directly.

    Broughton once boasted that before he came to America not 20 people could correctly cast a horoscope, after his arrival and teaching many thousands could. That’s a pretty bold statement, but like Dizzy Dean once said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.” Broughton is the father of American Astrology as the astrological tradition in America was very thin before his arrival. Broughton moved to New York City after first settling in Philadelphia with his brothers.

    However he did not teach Adams. Adams was much younger than Broughton. She was born in Jersey City, NJ in 1868. After the death of her father her family moved to Massachusetts where she first learned astrology from a Dr. Huber Smith. The question arises, where did Smith learn his astrology? It is not impossible that he learned it from the works of Broughton. His style is quite similar, and I believe Smith practiced homeopathy. However Evangeline was already making a living at astrology when she moved to New York City in March of 1899. Broughton would pass on September 22, 1899. They lived in the same city for only 6 months.

    Adams also studied with Catherine Thompson, a pupil of Broughton’s, but never admitted it in her publications. There was a falling out of some kind, and Evangeline pretended her former teacher never existed. So while we may say that Evangeline Adams was heavily influenced by Dr. Broughton and his work, she was not taught by him.

  2. In reference to famous astrologers, I was once the homeopath to the famous astrologer, Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985):

    I was treated his wife, Layla, who, if I remember, was around 29 years of age, while he was in his 70s (a bit like Samuel and Melanie Hahnemann!), especially in the light of the fact that she was a serious student/practitioner of astrology, just as Melanie became a leading and proficient homeopath.

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