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  1. Dr. Maurice Mishkel

    Are you aware of the fact that Otis Clapp & Son may have had a residence or branch at 417 Westminister Street, Providence R.I. in 1899. An evelope was posted to the Company from Melbourne, Australia.

    I would be pleased to hear from you,
    Maurice, Canada

  2. PMS

    Hi This is very interesting, I found an old homeopathic medicine box with almost all the vials in it I wanted to sell but needed more information. It was manufactured in Boston By Ottis Clapp. Finding the history behind him makes me almost want to keep the box.

  3. judie beauregard

    Would you possibly have any info on where I could buy Obundia cream? Otis Clapp is no longer in business it seems.

  4. Sally Godfrey

    My father’s father had the Otis-Clapp Pharmacy in Providence, RI. I am 82 so remember when I was a child we always had O-C medicines in the house. My mother took Emagrin for headaches, and we always used Obtundia for burns.

    My daughter and I were going over some old family photos yesterday for her to scan them into the computer. One of them was of my grandfather standing in front of the Providence Otis Clapp Pharmacy in 1900.

  5. J Palermo

    My grandfather, Sherman Swift, worked for Otis-Clapp in Boston, in the early 1900’s. He was a pharmaceutical chemist and was involved with the making of many of their products. Do you have any information on early employees?


    Hi. A lot of interesting material here. I don’t quite get the connection of Henry Clapp to Otis Clapp and the rest of this family, with all its interesting connections. Could you please clarify.

    There’s a lot of information about Henry Clapp, basically the founder of American Bohemia, here.


  7. Francis Treuherz

    published in 1888, Samuel A Kimball:
    A Repertory of Gonorrhoea,

  8. Tzaims Luksus, FRSA

    It doesn’t make sense that Obtundia Cream isn’t made anymore. Why is this? When I bought my old 1901 shingle cottage in 1963 (rather large cottage) there was an old tube of Otis Clapp & Son Obtundia Cream in the downstairs lavatory medicine closet. I had never heard of it before and although it may have been there since 1901 or came from the original family earlier from Troy, NY in the 1800s, I decided to use it. It is a sensational cream for burns, bites, scrapes, cuts, bruises…nothing can beat it. I managed to buy a new tube about 15 to 20 years ago by special order but recently when I went to the pharmacy they claimed they never heard of it and then I found it isn’t available anymore. Certainly there is a supply or an old tube somewhere in an old apothocary/pharmacy just sitting on a shelf. If any of you know of this please send me information so I can obtain it or up to 6 tubes so I won’t run out as I also have introduced it to friends in need of immediate relief that it provides. On the other hand with so many people needing and interested in this Obtundia Cream then someone should start making it again. Why isn’t the new takeover company of Otis Clapp & Son not producing it and how can we get them to start producing it again? Send information to me:
    Tzaims Luksus, FRSA
    Buckthorne Hall
    18 Walloomsac Road
    Old Bennington, VT 05201
    Tel: 802-442-0123
    Email: buckthorne.hall.ac@earthlink.net

  9. Jessica

    The problem is that you are not the only one who feels that way. A few years ago I contacted the company who bought the Otis Clapp company and bought the last couple of tubes they had. If I could find any stashed away somewhere I would buy those, too. I would bet most of the people commenting feel the same way. It is a miracle cure…nothing today compares.

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