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  1. alison raeside

    This article says that John Robertson Raeside was killed in the Staines Air Crash with his wife. I am delighted to report that his wife was not on the plane but is still alive and well. I am married to John’s eldest son.

  2. Richard Edmonds

    Just seen a piece on BBC News recounting the tragic crash and thought of Nick and Mark who I was at school with back in 1972.

  3. Hugh Elliot

    Bill Kadleigh, one of the doctors who died on the flight to Brussels, was the son of my godfather, Sergei Kadleigh (anglicized from Kadlobovsky). Sergei senior was a White Russian who came to England, escaping the madness of the Russian Revolution. He settled in London with his mother. His son was the apple of his eye. I met Bill just before he died. I was 19. A month later I was being given some of Bill’s things, as his parents emptied out his flat. It was agonizing. Sergei and Leslie (Lesbia, in Russian) moved to Clifton, near Bristol. Sergei died in 1998. Bill’s parents never really recovered from their loss. They never finished grieving. For me, another huge irony about this tragedy was that my aunt, now deceased, Pat Stoll, was secretary to Dr. Blackie and Dr. Raeside (who died in the crash). It was her office that booked everyone on the fateful flight to Brussels. She, in turn, never really recovered, although I don’t think she blamed herself. She did sometimes wonder aloud why she hadn’t somehow booked the group onto separate flights, like on Sabena and BA, on the same day. She left the Homeopathic hospital and eventually turned to Buddhism, becoming a recluse at a place in Sussex. Later she went on a pilgrimage to Buddhist sites in India, but she was an inexperienced traveler and she became ill, refused medical care and died there, as a result. Her ashes were returned to England. I am her nephew, a friend of homeopathy. English, but living for the past 28 years in the USA. Thank you Sue for this memorial and website. I would have very much liked to have attended the 40th anniversary, in Queen’s Square. If I am spared, I shall attend the 50th. With very best wishes, Hugh Elliot.

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