Norbert Glas 1897 – 1986

Norbert Glas 1897? – 1986? A F Hom M.D. Vienna, LRCP London, MRCS Eng. was an Austrian Jewish physician who fled Nazi Germany to find refuge in Britain in the 1930s.

Norbert Glas was a homeopath, an Anthroposophist and a colleague of Rudolf Steiner.

Norbert Glas was a colleague of Percival George Quinton and James Douglas Kenyon.

In April 1949, (vol 32 number 2) the British Homeopathic Journal contained a report of the sixth session of the Faculty of Homeopathy (1948-49) during which the following person applied for “Associateship”:

“Norbert Glas, MRCS LRCP, San Remo, Grange Road, Gloucester. Proposed and seconded by Percival George Quinton and James Douglas Kenyon.” (p. 151)

In an article on the physiognomy of temperaments he wrote in 1961, Norbert Glas still is identified as M.D., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., A.F.Hom, therefore it is safe to assume that between 1949 and 1961 at least he remained an Associate of the Faculty of Homeopathy, though not a full member.

The practice of St. Luke’s Medical Practice was started by Norbert Glas, one of the doctors who attended Rudolf Steiner’s medical lectures, who came to England in 1930’s from Austria.

He was able to register with the General Medical Council and after first working with another Gloucester GP, started his practice in Tuffley, Gloucester.  With the start of the Health Service in the late 1940’s  it became an NHS practice. 

He bought the premises in 10 Tuffley Lane which up until the completion of the new building in Stroud in 1998, remained the official address of the practice. He developed the whole of Gannicox House as the ‘New Nursing Home’ and treated a wide variety of patients, including many cancer patients and older patients requiring longer term nursing care.

While visiting patients at the nursing home after his morning surgery, for their convenience he began to see patients from the Stroud locality in Gannicox.  Gradually he increased his surgeries until he was seeing patients daily both in Tuffley and at Gannicox….

Over the years the number of  patients in the Stroud area has increased far more rapidly than the number in Gloucester, so that at present around two thirds of the 3650 patients live nearer the Stroud surgery than the Tuffley surgery.

Dr. Marianne Allan joined Dr. Glas in 1979, first as an assistant and later took over the practice on his retirement although he continued to do occasional surgeries right up until the time of his death.  Both 10 Tuffley Lane and East Gannicox were privately owned by Norbert Glas, who sold them on his retirement.

Norbert Glas wrote The Fulfillment of Old Age, Reading the Face, How to Look at Illness with Rudolf Steiner, Adolescence and Diseases of Puberty, Conception, Birth and Early Childhood, Once Upon a Fairy Tale, Once Upon a Fairy Tale: Seven Favorite Folk and Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm, Pamphlets on Grimm’s fairy tales, Early Childhood: Guidance for All who are Interested in the Development of Young Children, Personal Recollections of Rudolf Steiner, Sleeping Beauty (briar Rose): Meaning and Exact Rendering of Grimm’s Fairy Tale, Byrons Schicksalsrätsel, Amos Comenius, Schicksalsmotive im dramatischen schaffen Ibsens, Im Zeichen des Saturn, Nero, Die Füsse offenbaren menschlichen Willen, Ferdinand Raimund, sein Leben und sein Schicksal, and many more books in German.

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  1. Please check your dates for Dr Glas. Believe more accurate is

    1897(?) -1986…..

    This would then coincide with working with Rudolf Steiner and obtaining his intial qualification from Vienna ….

  2. Hi Stephen

    Thank you for refining the dates on Norbert Glas, and I have changed the dates on my blog to your estimates – it is sometimes very hard to discover accurate dates of birth and death, hence the question marks!


  3. Greetings,
    He was also married for a time. I knew and attended talks by his ex wife, Maria.
    And yes, he could read a lot from a person’s ear.

  4. I was simply amazed at the reaction from a lot of people when they discovered that I was a patient of Dr Norbert Glas. They asked me what sort of person he was, how did he conduct his consultations, did he have a sense of humour. They then proceeded to tell me how lucky I had been. Indeed I was very liucky for in my late childhood Dr Glas literally saved my life. We parted ways when I was about 25 and I can say with complete honesty that I desperately miss him. He was a brilliant diagnostician of the whole person and a very well accomplished osteopath.

    Dr Glas was married twice, to the best of my knowledge his second wife is still alive and living in Gloucestershire.

    In short Dr Norbert Glas was a great man who treated his patients with great dignity and respect. He was kind, gentle and introspective when considering the patient in front of him. Dr Glas taught me much that I shall never forget and when I die and get to the other side I hope against hope that he will be one of the first people that I meet. Indeed he has helped me from the world of spirit more times than I can remember.

    Kind Wishes to you all

  5. Hi all,

    I’m looking for an english translation of the book “Die Hände offenbaren den Menschen” written by Dr. Norbert Glas. Does somebody konw whether it exists?

  6. Dear Sue

    Dr Norbert Glas wrote a paper titled ‘How To Look at illness’ In the paper he seems to advocate euthanasia as being right if a person has reached the second in their incarnation where death is right.

    I don’t know if you have read the paper or have any knowledge ofDr Glas’s view on euthanasia. If you have would you be kind enough to give me your view.

    With my very kindest wishes

  7. Hello All

    My request to Sue about euthanasia is also aimed at others who may have knowledge. Sorry I should have written this before.

    Kindest Wishes

  8. Hello Sue et al

    I thought it was about time that I looked at this page for any updates. Does anyone know as near as damnit whether Dr Glas supported euthanasia ?

    The question is niggling me.

    Kind wishes to you all.

  9. I have just been re-reading the replies and wondered whether anyone knew Dr Glas’s view on euthanasia. It would help me tremendously to know.

    Kind wishes

  10. Aloha,
    I wonder if the basic dates of Norbert would not be more accurate by now;
    I can ask perhaps his great grandson Stephen.. whom i know as Mr G,
    on account of his son being my partner for the past 7 years. It was an amusing moment when Kieran Glas confirmed nonchalantly that my old Kdgtn training reading material was authored by his great great grandad.

    Thank you for this thread..
    warmest wishes

    P.S. i will ask Mr G about the euthanasia question when we meet in Oct in Stroud!

  11. For info, re the question above. All books by Norbert Glas on physiognomy have been translated in English and are in process of editing to be published.

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