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  1. Pauline Conolly

    Hi Sue

    Many thanks for your website. I am an Australian writer, researching the life of Dr James Loftus Marsden and his daughters. A small update for you. The Marsden you mention as a Captain in the Royal Navy was actually Dr Marsden’s son James Rashdall Marsden, who became a sub-lieutenant but was dismissed from the service after a court-martial in 1862. According to his uncle, the Rev. John Rashdall, he was able to re-join the Navy but was court-martialled again and dismissed in 1864.

    In the late 1870’s Dr Marsden began a relationship with a servant girl from Great Malvern called Sabina Welch, and he and his wife Mary separated. The Dr. had an illegitimate daughter with Sabina in 1879 and left his estate to her. His surviving legitimate daughters were not mentioned in the will.

    I am wondering whether you have copies of the obituaries for Dr Marsden? It is difficult for me to access them from Australia.

    Kind regards
    Pauline Conolly

  2. Pauline Conolly

    Hello Sue

    It’s British info on James Loftus Marsden that I am interested in as well. Was hoping you may have a transcript of Dr Marden’s 1891 obituary in either of the two periodicals you mention…or (failing this) the bibiographical details, so that I can access them myself when I am in the UK this spring.


  3. A Reader

    I found out recently doing some family research that I’m related to Celestine Doudet! I knew I’d find a skeleton somewhere and I have. I googled her name, and came up with this stuff. I hope you appreciate why I haven’t left my name!

  4. Pauline Conolly

    T0 ‘A Reader’ – I am so intrigued to come aross a descendant of Celestine Doudet. Your ancestor was not as black as she was painted, and of course this all happened 150 years ago. It would be wonderful to hear more of your connection, which I presume may be through the Baker family?

    Kind regards
    Pauline Conolly

  5. Pauline Conolly

    To ‘A Reader’ – Please feel free to contact me via email conollyp@optusnet.com.au or follow me on paulineconolly@twitter
    Your ancestor was not as bad as she was painted, and of course this all happened 150 years ago. It would be wonderful to hear more of your connection, which I presume may be through the Baker family?

  6. Pauline Conolly

    My biograhy on Dr James Loftys Marsden and his children is now complete and due for release in 2012. Follow the progress of The Water Doctor’s Daughters on Twitter – @paulineconolly

  7. Ange du Sud

    Best wishes for the forthcoming book Pauline.

  8. Brian Iles

    I have no problem you using my images for your book. There will be no fee provided that I get a signed copy for my Malvern book collection. If you confirm which images that you require I’ll email you high resolution copies.
    Brian Iles

  9. Pauline Conolly

    Robert Hale will be publishing The Water Doctor’s Daughters in February 2013. The book is heavily illustrated. It tells the full story of Dr Marsden’s children and folllows the three surviving girls into adult life,

  10. Pauline Conollyp

    My book on Dr James Loftus Marsden, The Water Doctor ‘s Daughters , is now at the printers. Has a wonderfully haunting cover , which can be seen at my website – http://paulineconolly.com Meanwhile a WDD themed walk of Malvern is in the pipeline.

  11. Pauline Conolly

    UPDATE: The Water Doctor’s Daughters is to be released on February 28 by Robert Hale, with a launch at Malvern’s historic Foley Arms Hotel on Saturday, March 23. The book is already listed (with synopsis) on Amazon.

  12. Pauline Conolly

    The Water Doctor’s Daughters, the tragic but intriguing story of Dr James Loftus Marsden and his family is now available through Amazon as an ebook.

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