Francis Henry Bodman (1844-1933)

Francis Henry Bodman (1844-1933) MD Aberdeen, MRCS England, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a Physician at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, a House Physician at the London Homeopathic Hospital, a member of the British Homeopathic Society and the British Homeopathic Association, and President of the Faculty of Homeopathy,

Francis Henry Bodman was a Physician at the London Homeopathic Hospital alongside Edward Bach, David Dyce Brown, George Henry Burford, H A Clifton Harris, John Moorhead Byres Moir, James Compton Burnett, John Henry Clarke, Arthur Crowden Clifton, Robert Thomas Cooper, William Vallancy Drury, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, Washington Epps, Robert Douglas Hale, Richard Hughes, Edwin Awdas Neatby, and Charles Edwin Wheeler and many others, including R W Barrow, Thomas Dickinson Nicholson, and S Morgan in Bristol.

Francis Henry Bodman practiced in Devises, and in Bristol, at 3 Chantry Road, Clifdon, Bristol.

Francis Henry Bodman wrote An introduction to the principles and practice of homeopathy with Charles Edwin Wheeler and James Douglas Kenyon, Insights into Homeopathy,

Of interest:

Elizabeth Bodman, Jane Bodman (?-?) and Mildred Bodman (?-?) were secretaries at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital.

Christopher Osmond Bodman (?1863-?1940MD, BS Dunelm, MRCS England, was a homeopath in Bristol in 1908. Christopher Osmond Bodman was sent to Paris for Post Graduate study of the diseases of women and children as a recipient of the Ladies’ Scholarship in 1911 (in 1906, Christopher Osmond Bodman was appointed the travelling scholar of the British Homeopathic Association). Christopher Osmond Bodman was the homeopathic practitioner of Walter Melville Wills who funded the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, and he became the Senior Surgeon at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital until his retirement in 1928. Christopher Osmond Bodman was a member of the British Homeopathic Society and of the British Homeopathic Association, and he attended the Eighth Quinquennial Homeopathic International Congress Held at London, England, July 17 to 22, 1911. Christopher Osmond Bodman practiced at 17 Upper Belgrave Road, Clifdon, Bristol. Christopher Osmond Bodman submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.

Frank P Bodman (?-?) was an Anesthetist at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital.

John Hervey Bodman (1874-1943) [son of Francis Henry Bodman, father of Francis Hervey Bodman (1900-1980)]MD BS London was a Physician at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in 1908, where he arranged funds for The Anglo French American Hospital: An Account of the Work Carried on Under Homeopathic Auspices During 1915-1916, at the Hôpital Militaire Auxiliaire, No. 307, Neuilly sur Seine, in Conjunction with the French Red Cross Society. John Hervey Bodman was a member of the British Homeopathic Society and of the British Homeopathic Association. John Hervey Bodman attended the Eighth Quinquennial Homeopathic International Congress Held at London, England, July 17 to 22, 1911. John Hervey Bodman took over Dr. Barrow’s practice and he practiced at 9 White Ladies Road, Clifdon, Bristol.

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  1. Christopher Osmond Bodman was my Gt Grandfather and for info lived 1878 to 1950 and also had a practice in Harley Street as did his son John Francis Osmond Bodman. Christopher was had four Brothers , Alan, Frank, Paul, John who were all Doctors as was his Father Francis Hervey.

  2. I’m the daughter of George William Henry Bodman, son of Charles Bodman and Frances Adams. I understand the family came from Bath. I’m trying get a link with very limited information. Can anyone help please.

  3. My GGrandmother Jane Bodman immigrated to Australia in 1849, She came from Wedmore in Somerset. What interesting with your ancestors is they also carry the name Hervey. A gentleman with the surname Hervey was the Rev in St Mary Church in Wedmore Somerset in 1860s. Wedmore has a good genelogy website. Cheers Herby Skipper Auckland NZ

  4. Sue
    I regret your notes are in a muddle. Francis Hervey Bodman (1900-1980) was my father. Harvey – not Henry. It was Francis Henry Bodman (1844-1933), his grandfather who studied at Aberdeen University. My grandfather was John Hervey Bodman (1874-1943). It would be helpful if you could make corrections.
    MB 7-11-2015

  5. Hi Martin

    Thank you so much for these corrections, which I hope I have successfully made! It is always wonderful to get the facts corrected…


  6. Martin,

    I am a botanist, and the other day acquired a copy of English Plants, G.C. Druce (1908).This is essentially a list of plants found in England and the copy I acquired was apparently owned by your father and his younger brother A.P. Bodman. They used it as a catalogue of their herbarium, starting in April 1918. I haven’t counted how many entries there are, but they must have amassed a collection of several hundred plants.

    I wondered whether you knew what happened to their collection?


  7. Hello
    I am really seeking information about my great uncle, Donald Gullick, a very elusive character. I have come across your website when searching for information on the doctor who certified his death in 1917, Dr J Hervey Bodman. Donald died of tuberculosis. His sister Constance also suffered tuberculosis but survived. I am very interested in your website as I see that Francis Henry Bodmin had a practice at 3 Chantry Road, Bristol. The Gullick family lived at 6 Chantry Road and I believe that they sometimes consulted homeopathic doctors. There might have been a strong link between the Gullicks and the Bodmans.
    Donald died in “Woodland Nursing Home”. There is a Woodland Manor care home near Bristol but they assure me that they are not the same place. I am surprised that Donald didn’t die in one of the private nursing homes that seem to have existed in Clifton at the time. Do you know anything of the Woodland Nursing Home? Do you by any chance still have patient records of Dr J Hervey Bodman?
    I look forward to your response.
    Elizabeth Conway

  8. We have a 1939 Bentley which was ordered by John Francis Osmond Bodman. I have been told that through his marriage his is connected to the Ismay (White Star / Titantic) family. Does anyone have details about wife Nr 1 Edith Louise (divorce Nisi in 35 & absolute a few years later) and wife Nr 2 – Ruth Sarah. Any help with JFO Bodman and his life would be great.


  9. Sue, jfo and Edith Louise were my grandparents. There were give wives and no 2 was the Neice of Charles Ismay.i think that there was a grand Lady Cunard scandal at the time. Any other info please write to [email protected]

  10. Re Sarah Bodman
    In the 1700s they farmed and butchered in Calne and Devises, Quermsford Farm, John Watts Bodman, b1815 father Benjamin. There was a French connection and then prior to that German, Johannes in Tudor times

  11. How fascinating to read this! My grandfather was Dr Arthur Paul Bodman and I’m sure he’s connected to some of these Bodmans, just not quite sure how. He had a practice in Oakfield Road many years ago, and his son (my father) was Dr Ben Bodman and he had a practice in Luccombe Hill. Neither of them were homeopaths though.

  12. I think I’ve worked it out, Hannah (who is my sister), from all the dates above. It looks like: Francis Henry Bodman (1844-1933) was father to John Hervey Bodman (1874-1943) who was then father to both Francis Hervey Bodman (1900-1980) and Arthur Paul Bodman (1902 – 1998/9). Interestingly, our father, John Benjamin Bodman (1933-1976), also studied medicine at Aberdeen and Martin, above, would have been his cousin. I have a painting I’m currently trying to restore of Francis Henry Bodman which might be of use to this site?

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