E C Tuinzing 1889 – 1930

E C Tuinzing 1889? – 1930? MD was a Dutch orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become one of the founders of the International Homeopathic League,

Tuinzing was a colleague of Juan Bertran, George Henry Burford, M Fremont Kranz Busch, Victor Ellwood, Petrie Nicholas Grouleff, Clarence Granville Hey, Edwin Awdas Neatby, A. Moeira Piedras, Pierre Schmidt, Augusto Vinyals, Harold Fergie Woods, and many others.

E C Tuinzing practiced at Haringvliet, 26, Rotterdam, Holland.

The International Homeopathic League was founded in Rotterdam (Holland), on the 10th September, 1925 by Roy Upham USA, the first President, George Henry Burford, England, the first Vice President, and Harold Fergie Woods, England, Clarence Granville Hey, England, Edwin Awdas Neatby, England, Victor Ellwood, England, M Fremont Kranz Busch, Germany, Jean Paul Tessier Junior, France, E. C. Tuinzing, Holland, Augusto Vinyals, Spain, Juan Bertran, Spain, Petrie Nicholas Grouleff, Denmark, A. Moeira Piedras, Brazil and Pierre Schmidt, Switzerland.

E C Tuinzing of Rotterdam, one of the Foundation Fellows of the League, came with his colleague Dr. Voorhoeve of Utrecht, the author of Homeopathy in Practice, as representatives of Homeopathy in Holland.

Dr. Tuinzing contributed to the Assembly an important paper on the publication of the League Transactions. Edwin Awdas Neatby of London, well known the world over as Head of the Missionary School of Homeopathy at the London Homeopathic Hospital, and as connected with every movement of importance in British Homeopathy during half a century, and also Foundation Fellow of the League, brought his varied experience to the League Assembly for use and service.

In the Netherlands in 2009, the Tuinzing Foundation and the Society for Advancement of Homeopathy will soon lead founding a Homeopathic centre.

Tuinzing submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.

Of interest:

J Tuinzing was also a homeopath.

One thought on “E C Tuinzing 1889 – 1930”

  1. According to an article in a November/December 1943 edition of the “Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde” (Dutch Magazine of Medicinal Arts) Dr E.C. Tuinzing was born in Rotterdam on 20 June 1879. He was alive in 1943 when he celebrated his 40th anniversary as a physician.
    He established himself as a homeopath in Rotterdam in 1906.
    I have a number of photographs of Dr Tuinzing taken during a trip to Italy in 1938 wheer he met several of his European colleagues.
    Dr Tuinzing died in 1959. This was announced in the July 1959 issue of the magazine “Medisch Contact”, published by the Royal Dutch Association for the Promotion of the Medical Arts ( Koninklijke Nederlandsche Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Geneeskunst).
    I have a number of photographs of Dr Tuinzing taken during a trip to Italy in 1938 wheer he met several of his European colleagues.

    I hope this helps!
    Best regards,
    George Ammerlaan, Bergen, Netherlands

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