William Walter 1818 – 1890

William Walter 1818? – 1890? MD St Andrews 1847 was an Irish orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy.

William Walter was a member of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and he taught Joseph Kidd,

William Walter practiced at 27 North Earl Street, Dublin, and at St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin, and at the Dispensary of the Irish Homeopathic Society at 31 South Anne Street Dublin with Charles W Luther and William Barclay Browne Scriven,

One of the first homeopaths in Ireland was William Walter of Dublin, MD St Andrews 1847 (Medical Directory, 1863, p.892). He taught Joseph Kidd,…

From Homœopathy in the Irish potato famine by Francis Treuherz: From Bantry to Beaconsfield: the remarkable career of Joseph Kidd: “In 1842 Joseph Kidd went to Dublin and studied with a William Walter who had rooms in Earl Street. Here gained experience in dispensing, surgery, home visiting and he appreciated Mrs. Walter’s cooking… William Walter is the first homeopath I have discovered in Ireland, but I know little about him. He had been attracted by the principles of homeopathy and his interest in the subject was shared by his pupil, the young Joseph Kidd.”

William Walter submitted articles and cases to various homeopathic publications.

Of interest:

Occasionally Dr Walter is referred to as Dr Walker in some of the Irish street directories, but they both have 27 North Earl Street given as their address.

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  1. Thank you for so much information in what has turned out to be a disappointing search for records until now.
    My grandfather William Nelson Walter was son of Nelson Darby Walter who was son of Dr. Walter and Wilhelmina Frances Shaw.
    Given, it seems, the family were not much inclined to indulge in public recording of births, marriages or deaths the project is all proving rather circular. He went to Malaya after marrying my grandmother in approx 1921 having met her in Dublin after she had run away from Carrickmacross. I think I read somewhere that he had learnt about tea, and I saw an ad in the Dublin Times for Dr. Walter and Spices, so imagine there was some psychic channelling down the generations.
    Grateful thanks,

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