David V Tansley 1934 – 1988

David V Tansley 1934 – 1988 was a chiropractor, lecturer, and the Vice President of the British Radionics Association.

David Tansley was a colleague of John DaMonte, Ruth Drown, Thomas Galen Hieronymus, George Laurence, Tad Mann, Malcolm Rae, Guyon Richards, Rosemary Russell, George de la Warr, Vernon Wethered, Jane Wilcox,

David Tansley spent many years researching Eastern Wisdom and studying Alice Bailey. He designed radionics machines specifically to treat chakras and energy fields of a more subtle nature.

Tansley produced a two well machine which he called a Simulator. Its objective was to duplicate the energies of a substance in one well into the second well forming a homeopathic attenuation (potency).

David Tansley was born in London in 1934. [see David Tansley, Omens of Awareness page 1, About the Author.

This amended information was kindly supplied [in Oct 2005] by John Nauss, a Radionic Practitioner, of Toronto, Canada, who knew and worked with Tansley.]

Tansley trained in Chiropractic in the USA, and became an important influence on Radionics and radiesthesia throughout the late 1960s and 1970s, publishing a number of influential books on radionics and homeopathy.

He died in 1988 of a pancreatic tumour (*please see comments below – this is incorrect as he had leukaemia).

David Tansley wrote Subtle Body: Essence and Shadow, The raiment of light: a study of the human aura, Radionics Interface with the Ether Fields, Radionics and the Subtle Anatomy of Man, Radionics: Science Or Magic? : An Holistic Paradigm of Radionic Theory and Practice, Radionic Healing: Is it for You?, Omens of Awareness, Chakras – Rays and Radionics, Dimensions of Radionics, Radionics: A Patient’s Guide to Instrumented Distant Diagnosis and Healing, Puppet Master with Liz Greene, Ray Paths and Chakra Gateways: An Approach to Spiritual Psychology Through Radionics,

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  1. Just to let you know, David Tansley did not die of a pancreatic tumour. He had *leukemia and was treating it with a radical method of injecting chemo therapy directly into the heart. I spoke with him at length two days before his death in July 1988.

  2. I knew David very well and we collaborated on many projects. He was such a marvelous and brilliant man and healer. I designed covers for some of his books and a diagnostic diagram he used with patients, and we exchanged ideas regularly. We also attended Radionic Association conferences together, especially the last one he attended when he made the statment that practitioners didn’t really need devices to treat patients. That caused an uproar, but in positive ways. I miss him…. Tad Mann

  3. Richard Thomas
    Submitted on 2013/01/01 at 11:11 pm

    I have a Tansley Simulator
    With the benefit of a background in electronics, homeopathy , radionics, etc
    I have developed a unit with all the benefits of the Tansley unit; but with enhancements.
    This unit produces remedies which certainly work in real life.
    I never cease to be amazed at the results of homeopathy including the fact
    that remedies produced electronically really work.

    Richard Thomas Adelaide South Australia

  4. ATTN Richard Thomas…

    My name is Rodney and I just stumbled across this posting when researching info on potentisers. I have been searching up information about “potentisers” for some time now as I have been left a business (along with a potentiser). Sadly before the individual who passed the business on to me passed away, he did not explain to me EXACTLY how the potentiser works? I know to potentise energies, however my main issue is the AMOUNT, and into what exactly. My potentiser looks slightly different to most online as it does not have knobs for the numbers, but instead a dial. I was wondering if you could give me some information about the numbers/frequency? Maybe I could send you a photo of my potentiser and you could let me know if you know anything about it? My machine has 2 wells in it, an “input” well and an “output” well in which you can duplicate the energy.

    Any help at all would be a major help, as I am also in the health profession (Acupuncture), and I believe this potentiser could help heal people in a major way as it has helped me in the past!

    Please help!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Rodney ([email protected])

  5. Hello Sue, I am David’s eldest child. John Nauss, I’m glad you were able to talk with my dad before he died. I moved to the USA after I turned 17, so regrettably I saw my dad only a handful of times after 1980. The last time I saw him was in Chichester around 1985. I remember my dad as a very smart and sharp man. He was caring and had a wonderfully silly sense of humor. I can remember going up to him in his office in Esher in the 1960s and asking him to teach me how to whistle. Actually, I have many many memories. I miss him…

  6. I am an MD with an homeopathic practice in Argentina.
    My interest is to contact with people using radionic but particularly with those linked with Tansley work

    Best regards
    Un abrazo a todos

    Humberto AVESANI MD

  7. Daron,
    Please be in touch as I spent lots of time with your Dad in the last fifteen years of his life and saw him weeks before he passed away. We always spent time together and he was brilliant and a great friend. When he announced at his last Radionics conference that one didn’t need machines, he was so upset we drove away leaving our friend Aubrey Westlake (who was almost 90 at the time) sleeping in a chair at the conference and had to drive back twenty miles to collect him. I loved David,
    Best and be in touch, Tad Mann [email protected]

  8. Hi,I have a tansley direct transfer remedy machine which has been in use for many years . My son has almost completed his 5 th year coarse as a Naturopath and as a present i would like to give him a similar machine . Does any one have one that they would like to sell?Regards Dr.Errol Harding.

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