Theophilus Bruckner Burckhardt 1821 – 1896

Theophilus Bruckner Burckhardt (known as Theophil Bruckner and Theophil Brueckner) 1821 – 1896 MD, was an Swiss orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become one of the founders of the Société d’gallicane Homéopathie, a member of the Swiss Society of Homeopathis Physicians, and an Internationally renowned homeopath.

Bruckner was a patient of Clemens Maria Franz Baron von Boenninghausen, who prescribed Causticum for him.

Bruckner was also a colleague of Feierabend, Frei, Geiser, Hauggi, Jung, Krieger, Meude, Siegrist, Samuel Zopfy,

Bruckner practiced in Basel.

In 1891, Bruckner attended the Fourth Quinquennial Session of the International Homeopathic Association.

The Burckhardt Family archive is here.

Bruckner submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.

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