George Edward Allshorn 1837 – 1870

George Edward Allshorn 1837? – 1870 (Alshorn) MD, LRCS 1850 1851, graduate of the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1857, was an orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, a Licentiate of the College of Midwifery at the University of Edinburgh, a member of the College of Dentists England, a member of the Hahnemannian Medical Society, a member of the British Homeopathic Society, a member of the Northern Homeopathic Medical Society, a member of the Botanical Society and a member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, and Surgeon at the Southern Homeopathic Dispensary for the Diseases of Women and Children, and the Darlington Homeopathic Dispensary, and the Stoke Newington Homeopathic Dispensary, and a member for The Association for the Protection of Homeopathic Practitioners and Students,

Allshorn was a colleague of William Henderson, Joseph Laurie, Adam Lyschinski, John Rutherford Russell, The Wielobycki Brothers, and many others. Allshorn was also a friend of James John Garth Wilkinson ‘… I spent the afternoon and evening with Dr. Allshorn (homeopath) here [Edinburg]: I called casually, & he was most hospitable and drove me about the environs… Swedenborg Archive K124 [a] Letter dated 19.7.1863 from Garth Wilkinson to his wife Emma).

George Edward Allshorn lived at 63, Hanover Street, and he also practiced at 52 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, 140 Princes Street, Edinburgh, 63 George Street, Edinburgh, 67 George Street, Edinburgh, 69 George Street, Edinburgh, 82 George Street, Edinburgh, and at 93 Hanom Street, Edinburgh, and 27 Dalston Lane, Hackney, and by 1873, he was practicing at 7 Ludgate Hill, London.

The Lung Disease of Cattle; or pleuro pneumonia cured by homeopathy, Henry Turner 1856 discussed some work done by William Haycock, who first noticed this disease in 1842, George Edward Allshorn, Charles W Luther and John Rush, who also had experience treating this disease.

Farmers had been losing thousands of cattle to this disease, Charles W Luther estimated that 6 out of every 10 cattle so affected could be cured. Peter Stuart also was using homeopathy at this time and treated up to 180 cows with this disease, saving about 130 of them. George Edward Allshorn used aconite and bryonia and estimated he had saved 17 out of every 20 cows he treated.

In 1867, George Edward Allshorn applied for a patent on the manufacture of artificial fuel.

Allshorn wrote A Handybook of Domestic Homœopathic Practice, and he submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.

George Edward Allshorn’s Obituary is in the British Homeopathic Review in 1870.

Of interest:

Adolph Hahnemann Allshorn LRCS, LRCP, MD Edinburgh 1864, living in Enfield, son of George Edward Allshorn, a homeopathic Chemist and Druggist, wrote On Protuberant Abdomen; an Outline of Its Causes and Treatment in 1875, who practiced at 2 Fargate Street, Sheffield and eventually moved his practice to 7 Dalston Lane, Hackney, and 90 Dalston Lane, Hackney, with a branch at 51, Edgware Road,

Alfred Allshorn, a colleague of William Headland, Homeopathic Chemist at 2 Fargate Street, Sheffield, (William Headland himself was London based, but he supplied most of the British homeopaths and homeopathic dispensaries across Britain at this time).

Florence Allshorn 1887 – 1950, daughter of Adolph Hahnemann Allshorn,

Florence Allshorn, born in 1887 and brought up in Sheffield from the age of three. She started a club for factory girls and ran bible classes. In 1920, she was put in charge of a girls school in Uganda. Later she founded a spiritual retreat for missionaries.

Florence Allshorn founded St. Julian’s Community in Coolham, Sussex, in the 1940s

William Charles Allshorn, brother of George Edward Allshorn, was a member of the College of Dentists England, who also practiced at 67 George Street, Edinburgh, and 51, Edgware Road,

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  1. I know a descendent of Malcolm Allshorn, Florence’s brother – and have been researching the family tree. Can you tell me where his grandfather came from? It’s fascinating information.

    Many thanks.

  2. Hello Shelly, Malcolm Allshorn was my grandfather and Florence Allshorn was my great Aunty. I would be very grateful if you could kindly get in touch as my mother Hilda Anderson (Hilda Allshorn – maiden name) is now 87 years old and would really like to know more about family tree. I have some information on the family tree.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Helen Anderson Ferreira

  3. Sue

    Thank you for your support in this venture. As suggested, I can confirm that “Allshorn – The Adventurers”, ISBN 9780646573205, was published as a paperback in Australia today. The 90-page book (a birthday present for my wife who is an Allshorn) describes something of the lives of eight interesting members of the Allshorn family including Malcolm who was the grandson of George Edward and the sister of Florence. I am looking at producing a EBook version but this may be a month or so away.



  4. Hi folks,

    I am also a descendant of George Edward Allshorn and Adolphus Hahnemann Allshorn, and my grandfather is among Florence’s step-siblings. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

    I would welcome contact with others from my family tree.

  5. As you can see I’m also an Allshorn. I was looking at your web site i have been trying to locate book ” Allshorn’s The Adventurers” where could I locate this?
    I can trace our ancestory back to the 1790’s I am member of the other half of the tree. If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  6. I have an antique walnut homeopathic remedy chest ( (about 11″ square) 2 drawer, with small brass drawer pulls and spaces for [25] 2-dram glass phials.
    This chest has the Allshorn name in gold lettering on the inside of the lid which is lined with a black material, somewhat similar to a lightweight oilcloth.
    The address that accompanies the name on the lid is 51 Edgeware Road, London.
    It has been in my family’s possession for at least 75 years, and probably longer, and is in good condition. I use it regularly, and polish it occasionally. There is a key, but using the key causes the lock to jam.
    I realize that this isn’t useful genealogical ‘material’, but simply offer it to any Allshorn who might find it interesting.
    I would consider selling it.
    My family members have been ardent homeopaths for several generations.
    Christian Martin
    Christian Martin

  7. I am a grand child of Malcom Allsorn. My mother is still alive. They were 4 children two girls and two boys. My mother is the is 85 years old. I am talking about Uganda where Malcom was living till his death in 1938 and where her sister Florence was till 1925. Malcom did marry my Ugandan grandmother. When he died photographs were taken of his children and were sent to England but the war broke out and nothing was ever heard.

  8. Hi Guys,
    Does any one know where Malcolm Allshorn was in the years 1920 – 1924. I know he was in Uganda but have not found a vessel from England that he traveled on. He was on the on the Gloucester Castle in 1925 and on Adolph Woermann to Mombasa the same year. I think he must have traveled from Australia or New Zealand ports to Mombasa and then a train to Uganda.

  9. My mothers maiden name was Allshorn and her dad(my grandad) sister was Florence Allshorn.I would be interested in any information on the Allshorns and how they are related to Samuel Hahnemann.

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