2 responses to “Richard Monckton Milnes 1st Baron Houghton 1809 – 1885”

  1. Annette Rivera

    The first Baron of Houghton left a message for anyone of interest or possibly a message for his family and friends on a bronze medal of some sort. Maybe it is a so called junket made back in the day which I believe has some monetary value or sentimental value. It was found here in the United States of America but I have no idea how it got here. Anyone having information about it can write to P.O. Box 2174 Michigan City Indiana, 46360. It may be a word to the wise concerning life’s journey. Please feel free to return a reply as soon as possible especially if you are a person of interest, a collector or museum looking to make an offer to buy it. Have a good day! and thank you London England, Parliament, and the house of commons for the life and history of such an important man. When I receive a reply I will send a copy of it to the one who inquirers about it first. ” Happy Treasure Hunting.”

  2. Francis Treuherz

    I am interested to know more if this medal actually mentions homeopathy. Thank you.

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