Edgard Delestinne 1910 – 1988

BelgiumEdgard Delestinne 1910? – 1988? (Delestinnes) MD was a Belgian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to establish the Belgian School of Homeopathy in 1952, secretary to the Belgian Society of Homeopaths,

Delestinne was a colleague of Caulier, Rene Paturiaux, Prosper Schepens,

In 1952, doctors Caulier, Rene Paturiaux, Delestinnes and Prosper Schepens had the idea to establish a Belgian school of homeopathy.

Delestinne’s Obituary is In memoriam Docteur Edgar Delestinne, Rev. belge homoeopath, 21 (4) :179-80, dez. in1988,

Delestinne wrote Recherches anciennes en homoeopathie, Les pionniers de l’homoeopathie en Belgique, Les Detractors de L’Homeopathie 1834 – 1836, Le dispensaire Hahnbemann de Bruxelles 1855-1930,

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