Homeopathy A – L

Many people in the last two hundred years have discovered the wonder of homeopathy.

There are most probably over a hundred thousand American homeopaths, millions of Indian homeopaths, hundreds of thousands of South American homeopaths, and tens of thousands of European homeopaths.

This list does not include the many hundreds of thousands of homeopaths from other countries, including Iran, the Far East, the Middle East – in fact homeopathy has spread to every country in the World – and this list does not include any of the many millions practicing homeopathy today.

This homeopathic history project is focused on the hidden history of Europe, as told by the homeopathic journals and publications which are, to some extent, only now coming to light with the advent of Google. Continue reading Homeopathy A – L

Rev. William Gover 1805 – 1886

BirminghamRev. William Gover ?1805 – ?1886 MA Cabridge, was a British parish priest, Honorary Canon at the Cathedral Church of Worcester, at St. Andrews in Holborn, at Somerstown Chapel in London, Principal of the Worcester Diocesan Training College, Principal of the Normal Training School in Saltey in Birmingham (for the training of Masters for Elementary Schools), member of the Committee of Council on Education, member of Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, member of the Egypt Exploration Society, Fellow of the Geological Society of London, member of the National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church, member of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, Chairman and member of various other Associations and Parliamentary Committees, prizewinning duck breeder, and member of the Management Committee of the Birmingham Homeopathic Hospital,

Rev. Gover was eager to support the Birmingham Homeopathic Hospital, as he had sent hundreds of people to the homeopathic dispensary in the in the sixteen years he had lived in Birmingham, Continue reading Rev. William Gover 1805 – 1886