Alfred Markwick 1826 – 1891

Leinster Square, LondonAlfred Markwick 1826 – 1891 LRCP Edinburgh, MD 1843, FRCS 1859, RCS England, LSA London, was an orthodox physician, Surgeon to the West German Dispensary and Intern at the Veneral Hospital in Paris, who converted to homeopathy to become a Physician at the Westbourne Homeopathic Dispensary, a Member of the London Branch of the Medical Council and a Physician at the London Homeopathic Hospital, a Member of the British Homeopathic Society,

Markwick was the inventor of the spongio piline,

Markwick’s wife was a Secretary for the Bazaar in Aid of the London Homeopathic Hospital held in 1866,

The spongio pilinea very ingenious contrivance…. which may bo used either as a poultice or as a means of fomentation. It consists of wool and small particles of sponge, apparently felted together, and attached to a skin of India-rubber.

It is about half an inch in thickness. It will be found of great value and convenience for either of the purposes referred to. It retains heat for a considerable time, and vinegar, laudanum, camphor, hartshorn, etc., can be, by its means, placed on the skin, accompanied by heat and moisture, much more readily, and with greater cleanliness, than by means of ordinary poultices.

Markwick resigned from the Monthly Homeopathic Review in 1870 due to ill health,

Alfred Markwick practiced at 1 Leinster Square, London, and at 19 Langham Place,

Alfred Markwick submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, and articles in The Lancet, and he wrote  A Case of Dysentry caused by large doses of iron, Mode of using the spongio piline, Hospital Cases, An essay on diabetes, Blood and Urine, A guide to the examination of the urine in health and disease, A description of the structure and functions of the human skin: to which are added, some practical remarks on the uses and application of the impermeable spongio piline and impermeable piline, A few remarks on the uses and mode of applying the new epithems lately invented to supersede poultices and fomentation cloths, Specification of Alfred Markwick: manufacture of epithems for medical and surgical purposes, Substitute for Poultices, Impermeable Piline, Additional Remarks on Professor Seutin’s Starch Bandage, and he translated A few Remarks on Phthisis, Practical Remarks on the Employment of Iodine,

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  1. We have a piece of the impermeable spongio piline in the Cuming Museum collection. It would have been collected in the mid 19th century. I had no idea what it was for, although it is recorded in the section of the original inventory under ‘surgery’.
    The entry is: ‘Impermeable Spongio Piline (Epithem). Patented 1846. Formed of sponge and wool, felted together, and coated with India rubber. Used for liqued foentations.’
    Object number C02880 – 1

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