David McConnell Reed 1804 – 1890

David McConnell Reed ?1804 – 1890 LRCS Edinburgh 1831, Licenced Medical Havanna 1841, MD Havanna 1848, member of the Royal College of Surgeons, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a Physician at the East End Homeopathic Dispensary,

David McConnell Reed practiced in Havana and Porto Rico for 10 years before returning to Britain in 1857, when he applied to join the Turkish Service, an appointment which did not last as he argued with his commanding officer over a staff appointment, and was subsequently dismissed.

David McConnell Reed lived at 33 East India Road, London, at Hahnemann House, Wellington Road, Limehouse, at Denmark House, Commercial Road, London, and at Beech Grove Villa, Waterloo Road, Wellington, Somerset,

David McConnell Reed wrote Reasons for embracing homoeopathy, and he wrote articles for various medical publications, and for various homeopathic publications,

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  1. David McConnell Reed (Reid) was born 8th August 1810 at Mocho Plantation, parish of Clarendon, Jamaica.

    He also served as a ship’s surgeon and made at least two trips to Australia, including aboard Nimroud in 1854.

    Thank you for the information above about David…. I am trying valiantly to trace his brothers and sisters!

    Anne :)

  2. Also, David McConnell Reed was a ship’s surgeon having made at least two voyages to Australia.
    In 1849 aboard ‘Sir Edward Parry’
    In 1854 aboard ‘Nimroud’

  3. An interesting site Sue.
    For Anne Stewart:
    I have found three brothers and a sister. Contact me on
    robinjphillips (at) hotmail (dot) com (or Google)

    cc Philippa and Anne who I have corresponded with before

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