Robert Isaiah Verity 1801 – 1871

Robert Isaiah Verity 1801 – 1871 MD Edinburgh 1834, Member of the Universities of Edinburgh and Gottingen, was a British orthodox physician, Trustee of the Gilchrist Educational Trust, Physician to the English Embassy in Paris for 25 years, who converted to homeopathy,

Robert Verity was the physician of David Ochterlony Dyce Sombre 1808 – 1851, and Robert and Richard Verity 1788 – 1857 (his uncle) were also the physicians of Granville Leveson Gower 1st Earl Granville, and his wife Harriet (Harriet’s cousin Frederick Ponsonby 3rd Earl of Bessborough was a friend of Frederick Hervey Foster Quin), and Francis Egerton 1st Earl of Ellesmere,

Robert Verity was a friend of George Combe (they shared a joint interest in phrenology), and a colleague of George Grote,

Robert Verity was the Executor of the will of a Dr. Roberton – 1840 (a fellow phrenologist who left a bequest to the Phrenology Society of Edinburgh),

Robert Verity was married to Lucretia Ann, and he lived at 9 Place de Madelaine, Paris, and he owned an estate in Easterside, Yorkshire, Boltby, Thirlby Township, Bumper Castle, and his family seat was at South Woods Hall,

Robert Verity wrote Changes produced in the nervous system by civilization, according to
the Evidence of Physiology and the Philosophy of History
, Subject and object; as connected with our double brain, Homoeopathy examined, or, Homoeopathy in theory, allopathy in practice, De Membranarum Consensibus (his graduation thesis), Notes on the Development indicated by the antique busts of Naples, Rome and Florence,

Of interest:

Richard Henry Manners Verity – ?1888 MD, PHd, son of Robert Verity, born at South Woods Hall, Vice President of the Continental Society of Arts & Sciences,

Richard Verity 17881857 MD St. Andrews 1829, uncle of Robert Verity, was an orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, Richard Verity was in partnership with Robert Bellingham, Surgeons and Apothecaries in Bolton Street Picadilly, until this partnership was disolved in 1824, Richard Verity lived at Dean Lodge, Kimbolton, Bedfordshire, (in fact he owned Dean House Estate) married Charlotte in 1820 (she died in 1822) (they had a daughter Charlotte Margaret Anne who maried in 1860), married to Susan Werden in 1839, daughter of Admiral Sir Henry Baynton (who fought at the Battle of Trafalgar), Richard Verity was the physician of George IV when he was Prince Regent (in 1815), and he was also an attaché à l’ambassade d’Angleterre in 1840, and the physician of Charles Joseph Comte de Flahaut,

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  1. Enjoyed reading your research into Robert and Richard Verity. Well done!
    Robert Isaiah Verity 1810-1871 was the son of Abraham Robert Verity 1785-1848, also a doctor.
    Richard Verity 1788-1857 was Abraham Robert’s brother, ie uncle to Robert Isaiah.
    Abraham Robert Verity also worked as a doctor in Paris for a short time before returning to Bridgend in Wales. He had 12 children; 5 of the 6 sons trained as doctors (one died too young) but not all continued to practice. One son continued to practice in South Wales, one went to Canada and practised there. Another, my great great grandfather, was a controversial vicar in Lancashire and only did a little medicine to help poor parishioners. Another son was believed to have been a doctor by one of his families – but he seems to have done a variety of things and also appeared to have had several ‘wives’ before dying in a workhouse some years after his first reported ‘death’.
    Several of Abraham’s daughters went to live in Italy, mainly in Florence, where Robert Isaiah’s widow Lucretia (Lucy) and son Richard, a barrister, went to live after his death. Lucy was descended fron the 3rd Duke of Rutland (illegitimate line) and inherited the Southwoods Hall estates. The pictures described as being at Southwoods Hall were left to Robert by his uncle Richard, and were either sold or taken to Florence. Much of the family’s money was invested in the Fenzi bank (Robert’s sister Emily married into the Fenzi banking family, as did Richard his son) which collapsed after largely funding the building of the Suez canal.
    My great great grandfather was assisting / training in Paris with his brother Robert in the early 1840s. They were nearly arrested for spying, as they were overheard speaking in very poorly accented ‘Breton’ when in a cafe. They were in fact speaking in Welsh, their mother’s language, which they used to do to irritate their English speaking father.
    They were a very colourful family!

  2. Hi Ann


    As you say, a very colourful family!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to add this extra, and much valued family information to my blog. Homeopaths everywhere are most grateful to you for this…

    I have altered my incorrect data thanks to your intervention, but rather than incorporate your information into my blog, I will leave your comment to stand as it is…

    Thanks again!


  3. Dear Sue

    I have built up a profie of the life of Richard Verity and have inherited many of his residual papers from Dean House. I am facinated by your reference to him as’ a physician to the Prince Regent’ and his being a physician to the Embasy in Paris to which I have no reference – though he did accompant the Granvilles to Paris this was in a personal not an official capacity.
    If it were no too much bother do you think that I could trouble you for the sources of this information so that I could ammend my records as approriate.

    With many thanks for your possible assistance.

    Yours sincerely

    Peter Verity

    Ps Richard, Robert,and Richard Manners ( Not a MD – studied law at Oxford) Verity,s portaits are with me as I write this.

  4. Hi Peter

    Thanks for your query.

    All the references I have used are hyperlinked, so just click on the link to see the references.

    I would appreciate your thoughts and comments, and for any further information about this very interesting family….


  5. Verity family are distant relatives and elizabeth verity lived near us in totnes until 10 years ago! Don’t know if she is related but definitely an artist!

  6. Very interesting read.

    My name is Robert Bruce Tom born in Barry and lived in Southerndown, nr BRIDGEND.

    My grandfather was Isaiah Verity, postmaster in
    Southerndown. 1837-1912 Son of Abraham Verity, surgeon

    Interested to know the connection with Isaiah Verity of Ash Hall, and the connection with town hall Cowbridge. Or any other information. Many thanks.
    All so interesting g

  7. Message for Robert Tom
    Isaiah the postmaster was the illegitimate son of Abraham the surgeon and Elizabeth John. I believe there were two other sons, Lazarus 1835-1912, and John 1840- .
    Abraham’s father was Isaiah of Ash Hall, who provided funding for the conversion of a building to the Town Hall in Cowbridge. For this, he received the freedom of the town. I have an oak casket made from the old timbers of the building, in which there was a scroll giving details. That scroll is in the posession of my second cousin.
    I have other information about the family of Isaiah (1753-1837) which I am willing to share, but it is not particularly relevant for this website. I would be happy for the webmaster to pass on my contact details.

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