Albert Edmund Parker 3rd Earl of Morley 1843 – 1905

Albert Edmund Parker 3rd Earl of Morley 1843 – 1905 Albert Edmund Parker 3rd Earl of Morley PC, DL, JP 1843 – 1905, styled Viscount Boringdon until 1864, was a British peer and Liberal, later Liberal Unionist politician.

Earl Morley and his wife were advocates of homeopathy (Anon, The British Homeopathic Review, Volume 37, (1893). Pages 707 and 712), 

The ceremony was to have been performed by the Countess of Morley, a lady whom her husband, Lord Morley, (who officiated in her absence) described as being ” by education and experience a confirmed homeopath,”…

Earl Morley was a patient of Allan Broman, and a friend of John Ruskin,

From,_3rd_Earl_of_Morley  Morley was the son of Edmund Parker 2nd Earl of Morley, and Harriet Sophia (née Parker). He was educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford.

Morley succeeded his father as third Earl of Morley in 1864 and took his seat on the Liberal benches in the House of Lords. He served under William Ewert Gladstone as a Lord in Waiting from 1868 to 1874 and as Under-Secretary of State for War from 1880 to 1885. In February 1886 he was admitted to the Privy Council and appointed First Commissioner of Works, a position he only held until April of the same year.

He broke with William Ewert Gladstone over Irish Home Rule and joined the Liberal Unionists. From 1889 to 1905 Morley was Chairman of committees and a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords. Apart from his career in national politics Morley was Chairman of Devon County Council and a Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant for Devon. He also served as President of the first day of the 1886 Co-operative Congress. Lord Morley married Margaret Holford, eldest daughter of Robert Stayner Holford, in 1876. They had three sons and a daughter. He died in February 1905, aged 61, and was succeeded in his titles by his eldest son, Edmund. Lady Morley died in 1908.

Of interest:

Earl Morley’s father in law Robert Stayner Holford was a sponsor of homeopathy,

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  1. What is less well known is that the 3rd Earl allegedly fathered a son in 1859 at the tender age of 15 /16 with it is believed a housemaid. The son my great grandfather Thomas Parker was recognised and allowed to keep the Parker name in case there were no male heirs which of course there were after the marriage to Margaret Holford in 1876. I have a copy of the 1891 census which shows Thomas Parker living with his family at Boringdon View on the Saltram Estate where he was given a living.

  2. I am currently researching your story as my mother in law comes from decendants of parkers from plympton in devon and the same story was passed on down the years it would be interesting to know if you have any info on it , many thanks mick

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