Thomas Yates 1817 – 1878

Thomas Yates ?1817 –  ?1878 was a British orthodox chemist, Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, who converted to homeopathy to become Dispenser at the Leicester Homeopathic Dispensary, a Founder Member of the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Company of Great Britain,

Thomas Yates practiced at 14 Market Street, Leicester,

In 1840, Thomas Yates of Bolton le Moors, is listed as a weaving loom manufacturer using steam power – is this the same man or a relative – and if so, it is possible that he knew Jean Barthelemy Arles Dufour and/or William Laidler Leaf?

In 1846, Thomas Yates of Bolton le Moors is listed as a cotton manufacturer who went bankrupt – and he ?appears to have travelled to America to lecture on cotton manufacture, including plain and fancy fixing:

The warp preparation and weaving department will remain as before in charge of
Principal Thomas Yates
, who will lecture to the plain and fancy fixing….

Did Thomas Yates come across homeopathy in America and retrain as a Chemist? Registered as a Chemist 1868),

In 1861, Thomas Yates (Chemist and Druggist of Leicester) and Henry Turner applied for and obtained a patent for ‘improvements on railway signals’ and ‘improvements in the manufacture of elastic web’,

Thomas Yates wrote A Popular Exposition of the Science of Homeopathy,

Of interest:

Thomas Yates 1776 – 1849 was a Mayor in Leicester in 1823,

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