Leath and Ross Homeopathic Chemists


Leath and Ross were the first manufacturers of homeopathic medicines in Britain. James Leath (?1805-1884) began to publish homeopathic literature in 1831. Frederick Ross (?-?) joined him in 1855, and Leath and Ross Homeopathic Chemists, wholesale and retail outlet for books, remedies, remedy cases and associated products in Britian and across the World, became Chemists by Appointment to the London Homeopathic Hospital.

Frederick Ross was the President of the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Society, and James Leath established his publishing company 1835, and together, James and Frederick operated at 5 St. Paul’s Churchyard, London, 19 Holles Street W (entry dated 25.7.1893 but then crossed out in Swedenborg Archive Address Book of James John Garth Wilkinson ‘Where is it’ dated 1.10.1892), and at 9 Vere Street, London, and at 58 Duke Street, Grosvenor Sqaure, London, and by 1917 the firm was located at 317 High Road, Brondesbury, London, and at 295 High Road, Brondesbury, London, NW6. Leath and Ross were still operating in 1941!

In 1843, James Leath’s publication of the 16 page essay Homeopathy Explained and Objections Answered written by William Laidler Leaf had sold so many copies, The Medical Times felt the need to come out to censor it!

Leath and Ross are listed in James John Garth Wilkinson‘s address book at 9 Vere Street, Oxford Street (Swedenborg Archive Address Book of James John Garth Wilkinson dated 1895).

James Leath’s Obituary is in The British Homeopathic Review, Volume 28 in 1884,

Leath and Ross published Homeopathy Explained and Objections Answered, Plain directions for the treatment of common complaints and homeopathic…, The treatment of common complaints by simple drugs homeopathically prepared, and homeopathic medical directory, A Summary of the Principles of Homeopathy, and they also published The British Journal of Homeopathy Volume 1, the first writings on homeopathy in Britain by William Laidler Leaf, and Paul Francois Curie, including the Materia Medica Pura edited by Charles Julius Hempel, and a very great many of the early books on homeopathy printed in Britain,

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  1. Your article does not mention Australia. I noticed that the Adelaide bookseller Charles Platts was advertising Leath & Ross books and products in the South Australian Register on 5 February 1862 (page 1), and possibly earlier than that. I think he started selling homoeopathic and patent medicines from 1859. Other Adelaide booksellers also handled medicines – e.g. W. C. Rigby. Platts, who opened his business in 1839, died in 1871, after which the business fell into the hands of E. S. Wigg (whose firm still operates todaty in Adelaide, but only in stationery). and John Howell

    Glen Ralph

  2. To traslate for spanish

    Tengo una caja de medicamentos de esta empresa y me gustaría saber de q año es, quien puede ayudarme


    In English: I have a box of drugs in this company and want to know the year of q is, who can help me

    Thank you

  3. Hello ,
    My name is Theo,
    I’m an antique vendor / dealer , I’ve run accosts this Leath & Ross medicine cabinet , I believe to be fruitwood, yet I haven’t seen any quite exactly like this one not that is better nor worse I know back then it’s built to trial and air convenience, although the chest , has what appears many more holders for prescribed, and or first aid assistance ! I was hope with your expertise , if you could some how pin point not only , year . Yet, approx value 65 %!including all poison are full and or have atleast 1/3 bottle full of antidotes from the day , it was manufactured, I’m especially interested in and knowledge of value , I run across quite a bit of old medical utensils and or bottles ! And , I tell u someone with appropriate knowledge to help me gain greater income , I’m willing to cut you in on the deal for your expertise , knowledge and assistance ! If this at all interest you ?
    Please call me at 817-602-7295, ask for Theo Miller
    Thanks for any input ASAP would be preferred , but at you’re earliest convince sure would be helpful, best wishes to you and yours , looking forward to possible on going working relationship , and anything you could tell me about it! Thanks again , Theo

  4. Theo, your phone number is in USA and the Homeopathic Chest from Leath and Ross my be in the UK. What are you asking? I have a couple of dozen chests here including a Leath & Ross counter display cabinet. If I want to buy this one how do I do it?

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