William Clowes Pritchard 1859 – 1928

William Clowes Pritchard ?1859 – ?1928, BA, MRCS, LRCP London, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, Surgeon to the Buchanann Hospital St. Leonard’s on Sea, Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Hastings and St. Leonard’s General Hospital (where a ward was named after him), Member of the British Homeopathic Society,

Clowes Pritchard practiced at Wellington Square, Hastings,

Clowes Pritchard attended the Eighth Quinquennial Homeopathic International Conference in 1911,

Clowes Pritchard also exhibited his prize carnations at the Royal Horticultural Society,

Clowes Pritchard submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications,

4 thoughts on “William Clowes Pritchard 1859 – 1928”

  1. Its a pity I never met my grandfather, because my mother adored her ‘daddy’, and always said that he would have loved to have met me, but I was not born until 1941.

    My mother was the third of his seven children, all of whom lived long lives. They were a great family. His wife, my granny, and I were great friends, and she lived to a very good age. I owe her so much and we had many happy times together. She loved playing the piano and was very good.

    Like her, I believe homeopathy offers so much, especially for those who are
    intolerant of drugs, which so often do things to the body they are not designed to do, which means having to take yet another drug to deal with the often awful side effects……..!

  2. Never knew my grandad as like Martin my brother, he died before I was born. However very proud of his achievements, the more I read about him. He sounds an intelligent and popular person

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