Newton John Lane 1800 – 1869

Newton John Lane 1800 – 1869 was a British gentleman and Sheriff of Staffordshire, who was on the Management Committee of the Hahnemann Convalescent Home Bournemouth,

Newton John Lane lived at Aston Hall, Warwickshire, at King’s Bromley Manor, Staffordshire, and at Elmhurst Hall, Staffordshire, and at The Firs, Bournemouth,

From Newton Lane  was born on 4 December 1800 at Aston Hall, Warwickshire, England. He was the son of John  Lane and Sarah  Lloyd. He married Hon.  Agnes Bagot, daughter of William Bagot 2nd Baron Bagot of Bagot’s Bromley and Lady  Louisa Legge, on 8 January 1828.

He died on 13 October 1869 at age 68.

John Newton Lane lived at King’s Bromley Manor, Staffordshire, England. Child of John Newton Lane: Very Rev. Ernald Lane. Children of John Newton Lane and Hon. Agnes Bagot: Isabel Emma Beatrice Lane d. 1 May 1876; Edith Emeline Mary Lane d. 12 Mar 1929; Lt.-Col. John Henry Bagot Lane 1829 – 1886; Sidney Leveson Lane b. 13 Apr 1831; Cecil Newton Lane 1833 – 1897; Maj.-Gen. Sir Ronald Bertram Lane 1847 – 1937,

From Smith, sheriff of Staffordshire in 1816, built a new hall at Elmhurst, and died there in 1840. (fn. 66) Later the same year his widow Elizabeth and their son Charles let the hall for five years to Isabella, widow of John Campbell, Baron Cawdor. (fn. 67) Charles Smith was living at Elmhurst in 1848. (fn. 68) In 1856 he sold the estate to Newton John Lane, then living at the hall. (fn. 69) Lane died in 1869, and in 1874 his trustees sold Elmhurst to George Fox, a retired Manchester businessman (d. 1894).

Of interest:

In 1854, John Lane Newton of Elmhurst Hall, ?relative, married Maryanne Emily, only daughter of Henry Martin Blair, and they had 3 children, Arthur Lister Newton Lane born 1858 – who died in 1867 aged 8 years, Minnie Florence Newton, and Menina Mary Newton,

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  1. This article appears to confuse John Newton Lane of Kings Bromley with Newton John Lane of Elmshurst, who were in fact cousins. If anyone would like more information contact me Allan Howard, leader of Kings Bromley Historians on this website (

  2. Hello Allan, my mothers GGfather was William Lane who married 1852 St. Pauls, Dublin, Jane Mansergh. William was decendant of William Lane who was granted lands in Ireland 1666 who was the son of Thomas Lane and Anne Bagot of Kings Bromley. I have a number of gaps in the family tree of these Irish Lanes and I wonder if you have any information or know someone who does. William Lane and Jane Mansergh came to Australia on the maiden voyage of the now restored ship ” Great Britian “.Their son John William Lane continued the Lane family militery tridition and served in the 35th Battalion WW1.
    Bye Neville Good

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