A E Blest ? – ?

A E Blest ?-? MD Edinburgh 1821, MRSCL 1822, member of the Royal Physical Society Edinburgh, was a British physician who served in India with the Madras Establishment for 26 years (Anon, The asiatic Journal and monthly register for British India and its Dependencies, (Black, Parbury & Allen, 1841). Page 383), and he converted to homeopathy (George Atkin, The British and foreign homeopathic medical directory and record, (Groombridge & Sons, 1853). Page 24) on his return to Britain to become a member of the management board of  the Hahnemann Hospital at 39 Bloomsbury Square (Anon, Homeopathic Record, Volumes 1-2, (Arthur Crowden CliftonJames EppsHenry Turner, 1851). Page 277).

A E Blest practiced at 19 Burton Crescent,

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