Matthias Marenzeller 1765 – 1854

Matthias Marenzeller 1765 – 1854 was an Austrian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, a contemporary and friend of Samuel Hahnemann, he was one of the first practicing Homeopaths in Bohemia (five years after the Organon was published in 1810), and in 1821, Marenzeller introduced homeopathy into Italy (Bibliografia omeopatica italiana. Antonio Negro, Francesco Eugenio Negro. Franco Angeli, 2007. Page 98).

‘… The Emperor of Austria was cured of his stab by a homeopath, Dr. Marenzeller of Vienna, after the regular Physicians had said that his brain & eyesight were seriously affected and that he would never again be equal to the cares of state… I ought to add that the Emperor of Austria was cured by Arnica… (Swedenborg Archive K124 [b] Letter dated 13.3.1855 from Garth Wilkinson to James John Wilkinson senior. See also’ Matthias Marenzeller James John Garth Wilkinson

Marenzella was the first person to introduce Homeopathy into a hospital, the Invalidenspital in Prague (Sudhoffs Archiv, Volume 38F. Steiner, 1954. Page 111 onwards), and he was the first person to introduce homeopathy into Austria (The British and Foreign Homeopathic Medical Directory and RecordGeorge Atkin. Groombridge & Sons, 1855. Page 112).

Marenzeller conducted the first clinical trials on homeopathy at the Garrison Hospital in Vienna, and he undertook provings and administered Cuprum and veratrum album to 150,000 patients in Vienna, thereby preventing them from catching Cholera, results duplicated on 80,000 in Hungary and Poland ( The British Journal of Homeopathy. 1843. Page 64).

Marenzeller was one of only two homeopaths (the other was Christian Theodore Herrmann) to conduct State clinical trials on homeopathy across Europe, approximately 50,000 patients were involved in these studies.

It was Marenzella who pursuaded Karl Philipp Schwarzenberg to visit Samuel Hahnemann.

Marenzeller was the homeopathic physician of Niccolo Paganini and Prince Solms, the wife of Klemens Wenzel Prince von Metternich, the husband of Countess Kinsky of Vienna, Count Gyulay, and Archduke Johann of Austria, and he taught Joseph Attomyr.

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Johann Josef Wenzel Graf Radetzky von Radetz 1766 – 1858

Johann Josef Wenzel Graf Radetzky von Radetz 1766 – 1858 was a Czech nobleman and Austrian general, immortalised by Johann Strauss I‘s Radetzky March.

Radetzky was a patient of homeopath Johann Taubes Ritter von Lebenswarth and Christophe Hartung, a student of Samuel Hahnemann, on the recommendation of Friedrich Jaeger von Jaxtthal (who was  the physician of Klemens Wenzel Prince von Metternich), and the story of his cure of a cancerous tumour in his right eye was written up in Homeopathy Explained by John Henry Clarke in 1841, and in The British Journal of Homeopathy in 1843, and in many other homeopathic journals around the World. Continue reading Johann Josef Wenzel Graf Radetzky von Radetz 1766 – 1858