Prince Paul Anton III Esterhazy 1786 – 1866

Prince Paul Anton III Esterhazy 1786 – 1866. The House of Esterhazy was a Hungarian noble family, in Hungary since the Middle Ages. From the 17th century, they belonged to the great landowner magnates of the Kingdom of Hungary, during the time it was part of the Habsburg Empire and later Austria Hungary.

Esterhazy was a patron of homeopathy, and he consulted homeopath Franz Xaver Kinzel, who accompanied Esterhazy to Italy in 1827. Esterhazy attended a Homeopathic Conference with Franz Xaver Kinzel just before his death.

I met Niemen, the Austrian diplomate, and Esterhazy, at dinner. They both, I think, were afraid of saying all they knew and believed about homeopathy, nevertheless they supported me

Of interest:

Prince Miklos Pal Esterhazy 1817 – 1894 and Prince Pal Antal Miklos Esterhazy 1843 – 1898 also supported homeopathy.

Prince Nikolaus II Miklos Ferdinand Esterhazy 1765 – 1833 was a patron of Ludwig von Beethoven, and Adam Liszt, father of Franz Liszt.

Michael Graf Esterhazy was a homeopath in Merzidorf in 1860.

Abraham von Szontagh 1830 – 1902

Abraham von Szontagh 1830 – 1902 was a Hungarian orthodox physician, a Professor at the University of Pesth (Budapest), who converted to homeopathy and became a member of the Austrian Homeopathic Physicians’ Association.

Abraham von Szontagh was a colleague of Dome Argenti, Tivadar Bakody, Paul V Balogh, Tihamer Almasi Balogh, Franz Cservinka, Janos Garay, Ferenc Franz Hausmann, Ritter von Koch, Anton Eduard Nehrer, Seteth, Sigmann, Streibig, Moric Szentkiralyi, Weißweiler, and many others.

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Nikolaus Zmeskall 1759 – 1833

Nikolaus Zmeskall 1759 – 1833 was one of Ludwig von Beethoven‘s few close personal friends in Vienna, Zmeskall was an official in the Hungarian Chancellery

Nikolaus Zmeskall had been cured of his gout by homeopathy, and so he recommended homeopathy to his friends Ludwig von Beethoven and Ignaz Schuppanzigh, Continue reading Nikolaus Zmeskall 1759 – 1833

Lajos Kossuth 1802 – 1894

Lajos Kossuth 1802 – 1894 was a Hungarian lawyer, politician and Governor President of Hungary in 1849. He was widely honored during his lifetime, including in the United Kingdom and the United States, as a freedom fighter.

Lajos Kossuth was an advocate of homeopathy, and he asked Mathias Roth to be his envoy to Britain (Mathias Roth (1818-1891) MD Pavia 1839 was a Hungarian refugee who converted to homeopathy in Hungary. He was an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Physician at the Hahnemann Hospital at 39 Bloomsbury Square, and a member of the Hahnemann Medical SocietyLajos Kossuth asked Mathias Roth to be his envoy to Britain, and while he was traveling, the war in Hungary was lost. Roth stayed in Britain for the rest of his lifeMathias Roth was a collegue of John Epps).

Lajos Kossuth was also a friend of John Epps, Giuseppe Mazzini, Peter Stuart, David William Witton, and very many others.

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Mathias Roth 1818 – 1891

Mathias Roth1818 – 1891 MD Pavia 1839 was a Hungarian refugee who converted to homeopathy in Hungary. He was an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a homeopath who practiced at 16a Cavendish Street and in Wimpole Street and Brighton.

Mathias Roth was a Physician at the Hahnemann Hospital at 39 Bloomsbury Square, and a member of the Hahnemann Medical Society.

Lajos Kossuth asked Mathias Roth to be his envoy to Britain, and while he was traveling, the war in Hungary was lost. Roth stayed in Britain for the rest of his life.

Mathias Roth was a colleague of James John Garth Wilkinson ‘… I knew Dr. Roth the elder, a Hungarian disciple of Ling’s Swedish Kinetic treatments. His son married a daughter of John Bright MP, [John Bright (1811-1889)] who was a patient of mine…’ (Swedenborg Archive K125 [44] Letter dated 8.10.1896 from Garth Wilkinson to John Marten).

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Victor Massol 1808 – 1870

Victor Massol 1808? – 1870? was a Hungarian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, and he is mentioned in The British Journal of Homeopathy and The British and Foreign Homeopathic Medical Directory and Record in 1845 and 1855 when he is listed as a member of the British Homeopathic Society.

Victor Massol was a Resident Physician at a small hospital at Paul Francois Curie’s house, alongside Barry, Edward Charles Chepmell, Sydney Hanson, William Leaf, Jas Bell Metcalfe, John Ozanne, William Parsons,

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Franz Liszt 1811 – 1886

Franz Liszt 1811 – 1886 was an Austrian Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist of the 19th century.

Franz Liszt consulted homeopath Dr. Loewe (Lowe), a correspondent of Samuel Hahnemann, and he also consulted David Ferdinand Koreff who also treated his mother Anna Liszt, and who also treated Marie, Comtesse d’Agoult and her mother.

Franz Liszt took homeopathic remedies to counteract the ‘strains of public life‘. Liszt reports that his homeopath ordered him to exercise to overcome his fatigue.

Franz Liszt’s friend Carl Frantz von Villers became a famous homeopath in St. Petersberg (Liszt was also a close friend of Carl Frantz Domink von Viller’s brother Alexander Henrich von Villers, and they travelled and took tours together). Liszt was also a close friend of Olga von Meyendorff, whose husband Peter von Meyendorff was the Russian Ambassador to Berlin, (and himself a patient of Martin Wilhelm von Mandt).

Liszt’s friend’s Marie, Comtesse d’Agoult, Frederic Chopin, Heinrich Heine, Felix Mendelssohn, Ignaz Moscheles, George Sand, Robert Alexander Schumann, and Wilhelm Richard Wagner were also advocates of homeopathy.

Unfortunately, as with Ludwig von Beethoven and Robert Alexander Schumann, questions have been posed as to whether allopathic medical malpractice played a direct part in Franz Liszt’s demise.

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