Prosper Schepens 1836 – 1908

Prosper Schepens 1836 – 1908 was a Belgian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become the President of the Homeopathic Medical Circle of Flanders (1903-1908), which celebrated its presidency in the 150th anniversary of the birth of SFCH (April 16 1905).

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Pierre Joseph De Moor 1787 – 1845

Pierre Joseph De Moor 1787 – 1845 was an orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, and he then introduced homeopathy into Belgium.

Pierre Joseph De Moor translated and wrote books on homeopathy, and he found the time to visit Brussels every week to administer to the poor.

However, it was the Cholera epidemic of 1832 that exploded homeopathy onto the World stage. Continue reading Pierre Joseph De Moor 1787 – 1845

Leopold I Belgium 1790 – 1865

Leopold I (Leopold George Christian Frederick) Prince of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Duke of Saxony 1790 – 1865 was from 21 July 1831 the first King of the Belgians. He was the founder of the Belgian line of the House of Saxe Coburg Gotha. His children included Leopold II of Belgium and Empress Carlota of Mexico.

Leopold was the uncle of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

Leopold was a patient of Frederick Hervey Foster Quin (Hahnemann: His Life & TimesM. Trevor Cook, Stuart Close. B. Jain Publishers, 2001. Page 144 Onwards. See also Southwestern Homeopathic Journal and Review, Volumes 2-3. 1848. Page 118 onwards. And Quarterly Homeopathic Journal, Volume 1. Otis Clapp, 1849. Page 131), Baron Louis Joseph G Seutin, and Leopold knew Samuel Hahnemann well.

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