John Davison Rockefeller Senior 1839 – 1937

J D Rockerfeller SNrJohn Davidson Rockefeller Senior 1839 – 1937

‘… Homeopathy is a progressive and aggressive step in medicine (Eswara Das, History & Status of Homoeopathy Around the World, (B. Jain Publishers, 1 Dec 2005). Page 259)…’ and he was ‘… a believer in homeopathy throughout his life (James L. Franklin, GI Joe: Life and Career of Dr. Joseph B. Kirsner, (Univ of Chicago Department of Medicine, 15 Apr 2009). Page 38)’ ‘…I am a strong homeopathist (Howard S. Berliner, A system of scientific medicine: philanthropic foundations in the Flexner era, (Tavistock, 1985). Page 41)…’ Continue reading John Davison Rockefeller Senior 1839 – 1937