Christian Gottlob Hornburg 1793 – 1834

Christian Gottlob Hornburg 1793 – 1834 was a German orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become one of Samuel Hahnemann‘s earliest disciples, the prover of Causticum, and the first homeopath to cure pleurisy and pneumonia with Aconite.

Christian Gottlob Hornburg was a colleague of Clemens Maria Franz Baron von Boenninghausen, Ernst von Brunnow, Carl Franz, Philip Wilhelm Ludwig Greisselich, Gustav Wilhelm Gross, Carl Georg Christian Hartlaub, Frantz Hartmann, Christian Freidrich Langhammer, Georg August Heinrich Muhlenbein, Alphonse Noack, John Ernst Stapf, Karl Friedrich Gottfried Trinks and many others. Continue reading Christian Gottlob Hornburg 1793 – 1834

Settimio Centamori 1812 – 1860

Settimio Centamori ?1812 – 1860? MD was an Italian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy.

Centamori was the homeopath of Charles II Duke of Parma (then Duke of Lucca), and he was awarded the Grand Cross by Pope Gregory XVI for his services.

Cavaliere Settimio Centamori married Christine Charlotte Bonaparte, daughter of Lucien Bonaparte, 1st Prince de Canino and Catherine Christine Elenore Boyer, in 1842 in a secret marriage. Continue reading Settimio Centamori 1812 – 1860

Niccolo Paganini 1782 – 1840

Niccolo Paganini 1782 – 1840 was an Italian violinist, violist, guitarist, and composer.

Paganini was a patient of Samuel Hahnemann and Simon Felix Camille Croserio for nervous exhaustion. Paganini, like many people of his day, suffered considerably under conventional medical treatment.

Paganini’s portrait was painted by Samuel Lover, and he was a friend of Louis Spohr.

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Giuseppe Mazzini 1805 – 1872

Giuseppe Mazzini 1805 – 1872Giuseppe Mazzini 1805 – 1872 was an Italian patriot, philosopher and politician. His efforts helped bring about the modern Italian state in place of the several separate states, many dominated by foreign powers, that existed until the 19th century. He also helped define the modern European movement for popular democracy in a republican state.

Giuseppe Mazzini was an advocate of homeopathy and a friend of John Chapman, William James Linton, Thomas Carlyle, John Epps, Felice Orsini, Aurelio Saffi, James Stansfeld, Peter Stuart, Continue reading Giuseppe Mazzini 1805 – 1872