John Martin Honigberger 1794 – 1869

John Martin Honigberger 1794 – 1869 MD was a Romanian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, and who introduced homeopathy into Afganistan, Egypt, Persia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, India and Pakistan (where he was known as Gholab Singh).

In 1835, Honigberger visited Samuel Hahnemann, and he was a speaker of the Romanian language and had practised homoeopathy in all three Romanian principiates.

Honigberger also discovered ancient Buddhist scrolls at Gandhara, and recorded some Sikh history whilst travelling for the East India Company.

Honigberger also recorded a natural Materia Medica of the plants he discovered whilst travelling, and he also established a medical vocabulary in four European and five Eastern languages.

Honigberger was known was known for own his careful personal discipline and for his humane and hygienic treatment of his patients,

How homeopathy came to India by Shubhadarshini Singh

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Georges de Bellio 1828 – 1894

Georges de Bellio 1828 – 1894 was a Romanian aristocrat and a member of the Vacarescu family, and a homeopathic physician who worked at the Hahnemann Hospital in Paris, and who was a member of the Société Médicale Homœopathique de France.

Bellio left Roumania in 1850 and began to buy paintings by the then unknown Impressionist School, and he had paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Alfred Sisley and Camille Pissarro in his collection.

Not doubt some these paintings were given in lieu of payment for his homeopathic treatment, a common practice at the time, but Bellio often paid for paintings to help out these struggling painters when they were close to destitution and he would frequently treat them as patients for no fee at all.

Giovanni Boldini painted his portrait in 1894, and Pierre Auguste Renoir painted his daughter Victorine de Bellio in 1892.

Bellio was a colleague of Paul Ferdinand Gachet,

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