Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt 1878 – 1955

Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt (1878-1955) was a Swedish-American artist who painted seascapes and depictions of New Mexico’s indigenous culture. 

Nordfeldt’s wife Margaret Doolittle (1873-1968) was a homeopath (Arthur Gelb, Barbara Gelb, O’Neill: life with Monte Cristo(Applause, 1 Apr 2000). Page 576. See also Van Deren Coke, Nordfeldt, the painter, (University of New Mexico Press, 1972). Page 35). Margaret had an MD from Boston University and had studied with Carl Gustav Jung in Zurich and she then practiced in New York. They married in 1909 and they divorced in 1944 after a four year separation. Margaret was the first secretary of the Province Town Players (Robert Károly Sarlós, Jig Cook and the Provincetown Players: Theatre in Ferment, (Univ of Massachusetts Press, 1982). Page 193). Continue reading Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt 1878 – 1955

Frederika Bremer 1801 – 1865

Frederika Bremer 1801 – 1865 was a Swedish writer and a feminist activist. She had a large influence on the social development in Sweden, especially in feminist issues.

Frederika Bremer was an advocate of homeopathy, and a patient of Beal P Downing and David Osgood (Laurel Ann Lofsvold, Fredrika Bremer and the writing of America, (Lund University Press, 1 Jan 1999). Page 144).

Frederika was also a close friend of James John Garth Wilkinson – On 16th October 1851, James John Garth Wilkinson wrote to his father:  ‘… Miss Frederika Bremer, the Swedish novelist, is coming to spend an hour with us on Tuesday evening… She is one of the few literary ladies I have seen, who is even still more interesting as a woman. She has just returned from a two year visit to America…’ (Swedenborg Archive Family Register A148a Temple Bar loose leaf Documents and Summary Enclosed English Documents from 1662 (Latin documents begin 1621)). 

‘… When, therefore, I now felt my hands burning as in fever, I recollected some homeopathic globules which my friend Downing (Beal P Downing), who is himself a homeopathist, had given me when I was very much excited, and which had calmed me wonderfully..’ (Frederika Bremer, Homes of the New World, (1853). Page 150).

‘… Thanks to homeopathy and my good watchful doctor, I am now again in better health ; but the malady which I have endured, and still endure, is like the old witch who could trip up even Thor…’ (Frederika Bremer, Adolph Benson, Carrie Catt (Eds), America of the 50s, letters of Frederika Bremer, (Applewood Books, 1 Jan 2007). Page 85).

‘… as possible the following day I went out among my acquaintances in Boston, inquiring after a homeopathic physician…’ (Eliakim Littell, Robert S. Littell (Eds), The Living Age Volume 39, Making of America Project, (Littell, son & company, 1853). Page 217). Continue reading Frederika Bremer 1801 – 1865

Goran Wahlenberg 1780 – 1851

Georg (Goran) Wahlenberg 17801851 was a Swedish naturalist, Professor of Medicine and Botany at Uppsala University, he studied homeopathy and becoming convinced of its truth, became the first person to introduce homeopathy into Sweden.

Wahlenberg was a staunch advocate of Samuel Hahnemann, and he lectured extensively on the Organon, and he undertook provings of certain remedies. Wahlenberg was a contributor to the Hahnemann Jubilee of 1829.

Wahlenberg was a friend of Charles Lyell, John Ernst Stapf,

Wahlenberg was a teacher of Peter Jacob Liedbeck,

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Per Henrik Ling 1776 – 1839

Per Henrik Ling 1776 1839 was a Swedish medical gymnastic practitioner.

Per Henrik Ling’s daughter was married to Peter Jacob Liedbeck, and his Swedish Movement Cure, called gymnastics, was avidly taken up by homeopaths, who saw at once the genius in this new method.

No doubt also because Per Henrik Ling’s Swedish Movement Cure was immediately condemned by ‘old fogeydom’ (orthodox physicians), homeopaths rushed to translate Ling’s essays and wrote books on his method and carried it all around the World, where it gave rise to osteopathy and chiropracty, see Matthew James Chapman, Diocletian Lewis, Peter Jacob Liedbeck, Mathias Roth, Bayard Taylor, Charles Fayette Taylor, George Herbert Taylor, and many others.

Homeopathy was introduced into the Central Gynmastic Institute of Stockholm set up by Per Henrik Ling, and by the time of his death, Ling’s system of Kinesitics was spreading throughout the known World. Continue reading Per Henrik Ling 1776 – 1839

Peter Jacob Liedbeck 1808 – 1876

Peter Jacob Liedbeck 1808 – 1876 MD 1835 was a Swedish orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become the first practicing homeopath in Sweden.

Liedbeck was a student of Goran Wahlenberg.

Liedbeck edited the Homeopatiska underrättelser för svenska folket 1855 – 1856, and he translated Samuel Hahnemann‘s Organon into Swedish in 1835, after meeting with Samuel Hahnemann in 1832 and speaking at his lectures.

In his time, homeopathy was introduced into the Central Gynmastic Institute of Stockholm, and Liedbeck was married to a daughter of Per Henrik Ling. Liedbeck edited Ling’s General Principles of Gymnastics with Augustus Georgii.

Peter Jacob Liedbeck favoured the use of double remedies, and of the higher potencies.

Peter Jacob Liedbeck practiced in Stockholm. Continue reading Peter Jacob Liedbeck 1808 – 1876

Petrie Nicholas Grouleff 1862 – 1931

Petrie Nicholas Grouleff 1862 – 1931 was a Swedish orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy and studied at the Hering Homeopathic College in Chicago.

Grouleff published Från Homeopatiens värld between 1909 – 1918.

The International Homeopathic League was founded in Rotterdam (Holland), on the 10th September, 1925 by Roy Upham, U.S.A., First President, George Henry Burford, England, Vice President, Harold Fergie Woods, England, Clarence Granville Hey, England, Edwin Awdas Neatby, England, Victor Ellwood, England, M Fremont Kranz Busch, Germany, Jean Paul Tessier junior, France, E C Tuinzing, Holland, Augusto Vinyals, Spain, Juan Bertran, Spain, Petrie E. Grouleff, Denmark, A. Moeira Piedras, Brazil, Pierre Schmidt, Switzerland…. In 1927, Grouleff was appointed as Vice President.

Petrie Grouleff practiced in Gotenberg, in Ostersund, and in Germany.

Petrie Grouleff wrote Fakta i vaccinationsfrågan, Från homeopatiens värld, and many articles advocating homeopathy.

Sophie Grand Duchess of Baden 1801 – 1865

Princess Sophie Wilhelmine of Sweden Grand Duchess of Baden 1801 – 1865 (Swedish: Sophie Vilhelmina Katherine Marie Louise Charlotte Anne af Sverige, German: Sophie Wilhelmine Katherine Marie Louise Charlotte Anne von Schweden.

The Grand Duchess of Baden authorised Professorships of homeopathy in public universities (A Memoir of Frederick Hervey Foster Quin. Edward Hamilton. British Homeopathic Society, 1879. Page 86). Continue reading Sophie Grand Duchess of Baden 1801 – 1865

Jenny Lind 1820 – 1887

Johanna Maria Lind 1820 – 1887 better known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the “Swedish Nightingale”.

Jenny Lind was an advocate of homeopathy, and she also attended the Yellow Springs Health Spa and the Round Hill Water Cures in America. Jenny Lind also attended a spa in Leamington, Cheltenham, The Royal Wells Spa in Malvern, where she met James Manby Gully. Jenny Lind retired to live near The Royal Wells Spa in Malvern and she is buried in the Great Malvern Cemetery.

Jenny Lind was a friend of Hans Christian Andersen, P T Barnum, William Cullen Bryant, Lewis Carroll, Pauline Viardot García, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Felix Mendelssohn, Adelina Patti, Robert Alexander Schumann and Mark Twain, Continue reading Jenny Lind 1820 – 1887