Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz 1807 – 1873

Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz 1807 – 1873 was a Swiss paleontologist, glaciologist, geologist and a prominent innovator in the study of the Earth’s natural history. He grew up in Switzerland and became a professor of natural history at University of Neuchâtel. Later, he accepted a professorship at Harvard University in the United States.

Agassiz was a friend of Charles Darwin, William JamesHenry Wadsworth Longfellow, Charles Lyell, and homeopath Charles F Millspaugh 1854 – 1923, and his wife Elizabeth Cabot Cary Agassiz was related by marriage to the Cabot family at Harvard who researched homeopathy,

In 1828, Agassiz wrote his doctoral thesis as an advocacy or the right and fitness for women to train as doctors,

Agassiz was a student of Alexander von Humboldt, and Francis Egerton 1st Earl of Ellesmere (patient of homeopaths Richard and Robert Verity, and Patron of the Manchester Homeopathic Dispensary) was his Patron in London,

Louis Agassiz was born in Môtier (now part of Haut-Vully) in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. Educated first at home, then spending four years of secondary school in Bienne, he completed his elementary studies in Lausanne….

By 1857 he was so well-loved that his friend Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote “The fiftieth birthday of Agassiz” in his honor….

Of interest:

Quincy Adams Shaw, grandson in law of Louise Agassizwas a homeopathic physician and married to Pauline Agassiz, daughter of Alexander Agassiz,

Henry Duprat 1878 – 1968

Henry Duprat 1878 - 1968Henry Duprat 1878 – 1968 was a Swiss French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, the Editor of the Propagateur de L’homeopathie, member of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris and Geneva, President of the Company Rhodanienne homeopathy, cofounder of the Societe Rhodanienne d’Homéopathie,

Henry Duprat was a colleague of Arnulphy, Paul Chiron, D ‘Espiney, Gailhard, Jean Pierre Gallavardin, Jean Jarricot, Pierre Jousset, Antoine Nebel, Charles Pahud, Rouy, Pierre Schmidt, Vadon, Leon Vannier,

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Theophile Mende 1853 – 1921

SwitzerlandTheophile Mende 1853 – 1921 was a Swiss orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become President of the 8th International Council of Homeopathy in London in 1911, the President of the International Council of Homeopathy in 1912, the Chairman of the 2nd Belgian Congress of Homeopathy in August 1913,

Theophile Mende was the homeopathic practitioner of Elsie Porter Mende. Continue reading Theophile Mende 1853 – 1921

Henry Detwiller 1795 – 1887

Henry Detwiller 1795 – 1887 MD (Detweiller) (Detweiler) (Detwiler) (Dettwiler) was a Swiss orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, immigrated to America, to administer the very first homeopathic prescription in America on 23.7.1828, and he was a founding member of the Allentown Academy of homeopathy, a founding member of the American Institute of Homeopathy, and a founding member of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, President of the Lehigh Valley Homeopathic Medical Society,

In 1836, Henry Detwiller visited Samuel Hahnemann in Paris, and he was a colleague of William Wesselhoeft,

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Caspar Hoze 1797 – 1880

Caspar Hoze (Hotz, Hotze) 1797? – 1880? MD Leipsig was a Swiss orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy,

Caspar Hoze was a student of Samuel Hahnemann, and a colleague of Gottlieb Heinrich Georg Jahr, Benoit Jules Mure, Johann Joseph Roth, Leon Francois Adolphe Simon, Carl Steigentesch, and many others.

Hoze is listed in the Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung in 1859 (also listed as Hotze) (also listed as Caspar Hotz).

in 1872, Hoze practiced in Brunn, Moravia alongside Fischer, Haas, Kollisch, Lury, Waldmann, Continue reading Caspar Hoze 1797 – 1880

Theophilus Bruckner Burckhardt 1821 – 1896

Theophilus Bruckner Burckhardt (known as Theophil Bruckner and Theophil Brueckner) 1821 – 1896 MD, was an Swiss orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become one of the founders of the Société d’gallicane Homéopathie, a member of the Swiss Society of Homeopathis Physicians, and an Internationally renowned homeopath.

Bruckner was a patient of Clemens Maria Franz Baron von Boenninghausen, who prescribed Causticum for him.

Bruckner was also a colleague of Feierabend, Frei, Geiser, Hauggi, Jung, Krieger, Meude, Siegrist, Samuel Zopfy,

Bruckner practiced in Basel.

In 1891, Bruckner attended the Fourth Quinquennial Session of the International Homeopathic Association.

The Burckhardt Family archive is here.

Bruckner submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.

Rudolf Flury 1903 – 1977

Rudolf Flury 1903 – 1977 MD was a Swiss orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become the President of the Swiss Association of Homeopathic Physicians, the Treasurer of the International Homeopathic Directory, and rediscovered the Q potencies, though Flury preferred the name LM potencies, by which they are most commonly known today.

Rudolf Flury was also an innovator in the concept of miasmatic theory.

Rudolf Flury was a colleague of Jost Kunzli von Fimmelsberg, Alexandre Hanni, Antoine Nebel, Charles Pahud, Pierre Schmidt, and many others.

Rudolf Flury practiced in Berne.

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Charles Pahud 1890 – 1959

Charles Pahud 1890 – 1959 was a French Swiss orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become President of The International Homeopathic League in 1952 – 53.

Charles Pahud was a student of Antoine Nebel, alongside Daniel, Henry Duprat, Heurtault, Jean Jarricot, Quenot, Rouy, and Vidouze.

Charles Pahud was also a colleague of Jost Kunzli von Fimmelsberg, Rudolf Flury, Pierre Schmidt, Continue reading Charles Pahud 1890 – 1959