I am Sue Young

sun starPlease see my other web sites Crystalflower and Avilian for all information regarding homeopathy and history.

The Medical Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency MHRA label statement: “A homeopathic medicinal product licensed only on the basis of safety, quality and use within the homeopathic tradition”

quote from Rix Pyke Homeopath May 2015 ‘… But homeopathy is also revolutionary. It is so subversive, so radical, so egalitarian, so subtle and so empowering. It takes the lowliest and mightiest and treats them the same – with a whisper. It is fearless. It makes friends with dis-ease and in so doing releases us from bondage to the idea that symptoms are ‘enemies’ who we must wage ‘war’ with. It is truly a pacifist medicine. No wonder Ghandi used it and respected it…’ https://www.facebook.com/rixpykehom