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This web site is a repository for my studies into two hundred years of homeopathic history, and for the articles and essays I have written and will write about this fascinating subject.

The history of homeopathy and of the homeopaths, patients and supporters of homeopathy throughout this time has not been given much justice by orthodox historians, who funded by more ‘acceptable’ sponsors, have tended to ignore it. This tendency has been exacerbated by the fact that orthodox historians have not bothered to consult homeopathic literature, journals, books or articles, either because of umbrage or through ignorance. The homeopathic literature has always been available to anyone who wished to consult it, which makes its exclusion a deliberate act of vandalism, and the present trend in Wikipedia to systematically remove all mention of homeopathy from its articles is shocking and appalling.

So much has subsequently been lost, buried or thrown away.

This information, which when returned to its rightful place in our history, like the missing pieces of a vast jigsaw, reveals at last the true picture of our past in glorious multicoloured, three or even four dimesions. No more do we have to accept the received wisdom of orthodox and well funded bias and misrepresentation. Rather, seen through the very many hundreds of pairs of newly discovered eyes, we can now see a far more fascinating and vital story of human behaviour than was ever suspected.

The modern tendency of historians is to pay attention to the stories of less important persons – the scullery maids, the foot soldiers and the cow herders – the better to round out the story of our past. This tendency grows and grows with modern historians who have more open minds and a far greater love of ‘fact’ and accurate research – and the advent of Google is of paramount importance in making accessible that which was previously hidden or concealed in private libraries available only to a select few.

We truly stand at the beginning of a new understanding.

This site also includes my other writings on history, on healing and on fantasy fiction – great passions all – though the site is ‘under construction’ and only time will allow its full potential to develop.

4 thoughts on “About this site”

  1. I think that homeopathy is a perfect and soft medicine. I am a vet homeopath in South Korea.

  2. Dear Sue! I really like your site, and especially I very grateful for your biographies immediate disciples of Hahnemann.
    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,
    Daniel Ivanov-Wyzgo,
    St. Petersburg Hahnemann Research Center.

  3. Thank you very much for creating this site and make such a beautiful effort towards Homoeopathy. specially biographies are really informative and also so helpful for study.

  4. Thanks for your informative sharing…it is very useful information for we as a new generation Homoeopaths.

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