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  1. Peter Knox-Shaw (grand son of Charles)

    Thomas Knox-Shaw (1895-1972) was also a son of Charles, and seeing there is a Wikipedia biography of him, he could be linked in too.

  2. Mel Draper

    Dear Sue,

    Charles Knox-Shaw was also deeply involved with the Buchanan Hospital at St. Leonards-on-Sea from its opening in 1881 until his death in Oxford on 22 November, 1939, aged 84 years.

    The 1939 Annual Report for the Buchanan noted that he was a member of the Hospital’s Honorary Medical Staff and at the time of his death held the offices of Vice President, Honorary Consulting Surgeon, and Trustee of the Hospital.

    Kind regards,
    M. L. Draper

  3. Mel Draper

    You might want to change his dates as they are incorrectly listed. They should be 1855-1939.

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