Philipp Anton Watzke 1803 – 1867

Philipp Anton Watzke 1803 – 1867 was an Austrian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become an Editor of the edited the Oestrerreiche Zeitschrift für Homëopathie, a member of the Austrian Homeopathic Society, and President of The Vienna Provers Union,

Watzke was a colleague of Archhorn, Joseph Attomyr, Carroll Dunham, Gaspar, Adolph Heinrich Gerstel, Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Fleischmann, Frohlich, Clemens Hampe, Landersmann, Low, Matthias Marenzeller, Clotar Moriz Mueller, Charles Neidhard, Schaflin, George Schmid, A Schmidt, Schwarz, Tedesko, Viet, Walter, Franz Wurmb, Wurstl, and many others.

Watzke he edited the the Oestrerreiche Zeitschrift für Homëopathie, alongside Clemens Hampe, Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Fleischmann and Franz Wurmb.

In 1843, Watzke began a proving of salt (Nat mur), and he also conducted a proving of Colocynth, and he wrote One Day of My Practice, and various cases and a great many articles for several homeopathic publications. Watzke also wrote Ein Tag aus meiner Praxis,

Watzke was greatly influenced by Johann Gottlieb Fichte.

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