John Parton Berry 1831 – 1881

reform leagueJohn Parton Berry 1831 – 1881  MRCVS London, was a British orthodox veterinary Surgeon, member of the London Veterinary Medical Association, who converted to homeopathy.

John Parton Berry was a member of the National Reform League, he knew John Bright, and he put himself up for election, none of the candidates succeeded, mainly due to a lack of respectability and also due to a failure of negotiations to allow them to contest suitable constituencies. The Reform League was dissolved in March 1869, and some of its members went on to become LiberalMPs or activists.

James John Garth Wilkinson’s friend Charles Thomas Pearce was the editor of The Homeopathic Record, and John Parton Berry was a major publisher of this journal (Charles Thomas Pearce (Ed.), Homeopathic Record Volume 1. 1855. (London Tweedie 337 Strand, Northampton J Parton Berry Corn Exchange Parade 1856).

John Parton Berry was a member of the Swedenborg New Jerusalem Church, Northampton in 1869, and he retired in 1914,

John Parton Berry practiced at 27 Newland, Northampton, the Corn Exchange Northampton, 4 Parade Northampton, and at 509 Old Kent Road,

John Parton Berry submitted cases and articles to various veterinary publications,

Of interest:

John Parton Berry, ?son of John Parton Berry, was a graduate at Edinburgh in 1907, living at 8 Vale Street, Keighley, Yorks in 1939, and he is listed in The Medical Directory: London, Provinces, Wales, Scotland, Ireland …, Part 1 in 1947, retired 1956.

John Berry Parton, ?father of John Berry Parton, is listed in the Northampton Section of the Post Office Directory of Berkshire, as a chemist in 1854.

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  1. John Parton Berry.

    To put the info straight.

    John Parton Berry I lived 1831 to 1881. Son of Thomas Berry and Elizabeth Parton of Boughton under Blean in Kent
    He was a homeopath, chemist and veterinary surgeon in Northampton and in 1854 married an Editha Bright from Woodchurch in Kent. Presume the Bright name connection is just a coincidence as the Brights seem to have been established in the Tenterden area for quite some while.

    Their oldest son was John Bright Berry b. 1857. He trained as a doctor in Edinburgh and practiced all his life in Keighley, Yorkshire. It is presumably he who retired in 1914. He married Euphemia Munro Moffat and their second son was called John Parton, (dob unknown).

    This John Parton also became a doctor and must be the one trained by John Wylie. Possibly he carried on his father’s practice in Keighley in addition to his post as a consultant physician at the Victoria Hospital there, but it was certainly he who worked as a surgeon in the navy during WW1 and was a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He married but had no children.

    It seems likely, therefore, that it was this second John Parton Berry who retired in 1956.

    I can well see how one could get confused between these Berrys but hope I have put the record straight for you. All the Berrys, and there were a lot of them, were Liberals, but John Parton Berry I was the most avid of them.

    Best wishes, Paula Demuth

  2. Hi Paula

    Wow! Thanks!

    I have corrected John Parton Berry’s DOB, but otherwise, left your facts to speak for themselves.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write to add this information to my details…

    It is greatly appreciated.


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