Thomas Simpson 1835 – 1909

Wavertree, LiverpoolThomas Simpson 1835? – 1909? MD St. Andrews 1862, MRCP Edinburgh, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy

Thomas Simpson was a friend of Peter Stuart,

Thomas Simpson practiced in Glasgow, and at 30 Wavertree, Liverpool in 1871,Thomas Simpson was a prodigeous writer, submitted many cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, including Short Clinical Notes,

Of interest:

Arthur Telford Simpson was a British Civil Engineer, who did contract work in New York and in Cardiff, with his partner John Nelson (trading as T Nelson and Co), and he was a supporter of homeopathy in 1873,

Ed Simpson worked at the North Wilts Dispensary, Devizes in 1868, alongside T Carter, Rev R Dawson, James Cornelius Madge, Charles Henry Marston, Sir R H Pollen, Lieutenant Colonel Salmon, Chas Sloper,  James Stratton, Lieutenant Colonel Wallington, W Watson,

George Simpson was a master of the Homeopathic Dispensary, Little Orford Street, Cambridge in 1875,

James Young Simpson was a bitter opponent of homeopathy,

James Simpson was a member of the Management Committee of the British Homeopathic Association in 1847,

Jas Simpson was a supporter of homeopathy in 1873,

M B Simpson wrote Homeopathy, its principle, theory and practice in 1836,

Stephen Simpson 1792 (1793) – 1869 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy and travelled to Australia, (see Barbara Armstrong ‘s great article on Stephen Simpson),

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Does anyone know if Thomas Simpson (1835? – 1909?) had a son of the same name. The Dr. Thomas Simpson I am interested in donated 1,000 pounds for the establishment of the Southport Homeopathic Hospital. In December 1928 while at Erstwood, Blundellsands, Liverpool, he wrote to Clarke’s ‘The Homoeopathic World’ regarding “A Reprieve for the Southport Hospital.”
    Any help much appreciated.
    Barry Shaw

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